What is social listening?

Social listening involves the real-time monitoring of online conversations involving a product or service.

Social listening is becoming a must-have requirement in any effective marketing strategy. Every marketing manager worldwide would love to get people talking about their brand. That’s why social listening is vital. it tells brands like yours precisely what people are saying about you.

Social listening involves real-time monitoring of online conversations involving your product or service, including when your brand is being mentioned online via;

  • Tags and Hashtags
  • Reviews and testimonials
  • Product demonstrations
  • Even when your brand makes the news

Monitoring social media and online forums can be labor intensive, which is why Aspire has created a social listening tool. After all, what’s being said online is ultimately a direct reflection of your brand’s reputation (and it’s a great way to discover new influencers too!)

Unlike “social monitoring,” where the data identifies and tracks each time your brand is mentioned, social listening gauges the tone and mood in which your brand is being discussed – positively or negatively.

Why social listening is necessary for modern-day brands

Not only does adopting social listening help monitor when and how your brand is being mentioned. In addition, the technique is used to measure the success of offline and online marketing campaigns and new product launches while monitoring your brand’s reputation in real-time.

The results also provide vital insights through data analytics, which can;

  • Give you a competitive edge ahead of rival brands
  • Highlight lucrative and new target markets
  • Offer your product or service as a solution to your competition’s customer pain-points

Why social listening is GOOD when things are going well

Social listening provides a fantastic opportunity to identify and engage with influencers positively promoting your product or service. Invite them to become brand ambassadors or affiliate partners and repurpose their content across all your marketing and social media platforms.

Engaging in online conversations involving your brand can raise brand awareness and attract a broader customer base.

Why social listening is GREAT when things aren’t going well

Many brands use social listening as an alert system. As a form of productive feedback, tuning in to these online conversations can highlight product issues or identify where your marketing message is falling flat.

The technique also provides you the chance to respond to customer complaints promptly. As a result, prospective customers are drawn toward brands that react and provide solutions to any customer’s concerns.

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