What is an influencer network?

Want more followers? Looking to generate sales? How about original content for your ad campaign? You can do it all with the right set of collaborators!

Starting an influencer marketing campaign might seem daunting… but fear not. Using an influencer network can simplify the entire process for you… and save you money.

Brands who tap into influencer networks can avoid those sleepless nights of pondering;

  • How do we find the right influencer?
  • Will they suit our brand?
  • Are they any good?
  • Can we afford them?

An influencer network – also known as a creator network – is designed to help kickstart your brand’s influencer marketing collaborations. It’s a community or database where brands can filter and source pre-vetted content creators for a campaign.

Unique in the world of influencer marketing platforms, Aspire offers not one, but two expansive influencer networks to find and discover new influencers.

Influencer Search Engine

Whether your campaign goals are to grow brand awareness, energize your online sales, or launch a new product line or service, Aspire’s influencer search engine provides your brand access to millions of content creators and their key qualities, including:

  • Active social media channels
  • Engagement figures
  • Rates and costs
  • Performance statistics

There are also a number of advanced filters to streamline and focus your search. Filter by location, audience demographics, follower count, image aesthetic and more to find the best influencers for your brand.

Creator Marketplace

Our one-of-a-kind Creator Marketplace turns traditional influencer outreach on its head, saving your brand time and money by allowing influencers to find you. While engaging in outbound search through our influencer search engine, post upcoming campaigns on your very own branded Marketplace page and watch the inbound creator applications roll in.

How your brand will benefit from using an influencer network?

Selecting from a talent pool of niche influencers who engage with your desired target audience, an influencer network offers four key advantages over your competitors…

Key influencer sourcing

With the ability to filter through potential creators, you can identify influencers who specialize in content creation in your brand’s target vertical. Like online dating, you can input the qualities you’re looking for to find influencers who share your brand’s values and are ideally placed to promote your product or service.

Fast Turnarounds

Sourcing from an influencer network drastically reduces recruitment times. Other strategies, such as social listening are also effective, but results can take time. Aspire’s influencer networks can fast-track connections with valuable influencers, delivering content quickly and effectively to your desired target market.

Build relationships

While influencer networks are ideal for one-off brand campaigns, they can also generate long-term partnerships with influencers who are authentically aligned with your brand. Why not continue collaborating with influencers who successfully use social proof to promote your product or service to your perfect target market?

Reducing Costs

An influencer network is easy to set up and an excellent tool to help keep up-front costs low. Using Aspire’s advanced filters, you can quickly identify the most efficient influencers… also eliminating the risk of working with unproven content creators.

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