What is a mid-tier influencer?

As the name suggests, a mid-tier influencer sits in the middle of the influencer scale of collective followers. Nestled between smaller micro and nano-influencers and the elite macro and mega-influencers, a mid-tier influencer has between 60,000 and 200,000 followers.

What is a mid-tier influencer?

At a mid-tier level, content creators are almost always professional influencers. Typically, a mid-tier influencer will have several brand collaborations, sponsored posting, and affiliate marketing partnerships under their belt and is their primary source of income.

Why are mid-tier influencers great? Well, their middle of the range follower count makes them perfect for a whole variety of influencer marketing campaigns, including social takeovers, promotional giveaways, contests, and product demonstrations and reviews.

Why should your brand should work with a mid-tier influencer?

Working with a mid-tier influencer combines the required levels of follower interaction without the price tag associated with celebrity mega-influencers. As a brand looking to expand your brand awareness online or escalate your online sales revenues, a mid-tier influencer is a perfect solution.

Mid-tier influencers work hard!

Most content creators who reach mid-tier influencer status achieve this by producing unique and creative postings. This takes time, skill, and a lot of hard work…

That’s why mid-tier influencers remain exceptionally ambitious. Generally, influencers at this level are pursuing follower growth to reach macro and mega-influencer rankings.

Mid-tier influencers provide excellent engagement levels

Similarly to smaller content creators, mid-tier influencers still will interact with their army of followers. After all, engaging with their followers is what got them there.

Choosing a niche mid-tier influencer with superb follower engagement is ideal for a brand. It can provide the perfect platform to instantly promote your product or service to up to 200,000 targeted followers.

Mid-tier influencers are incredibly cost-effective.

Yes… every brand would love to collaborate with mega-Influencers like Kylie Jenner or Beyonce. Who wouldn’t want to place their brand in front of millions of followers? However, their fees can cost you your entire annual marketing budget and still not guarantee results.

Working with a mid-tier influencer on the other hand is far more cost-effective. Delivering your brand’s message to tens of thousands of followers at a fraction of the price.

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