What is an influencer marketing platform?

Maybe you’ve heard of influencer marketing. But what is an influencer marketing platform? How does it work? All your questions will be answered below.

An influencer marketing platform is a type of software that offers a direct way for brands and influencers to connect and work together. It’s a space for brands to find new influencers, manage campaigns, and track ROI. Importantly, influencer marketing platforms give brands the space to focus on developing genuine partnerships with their influencers by reducing the time-consuming parts of their campaigns.

Influencer marketing platforms also provide a way for influencers to monetize their social media content, allowing them to build their personal brands and turn their passion into a full time job.

Some influencer marketing platforms also offer additional strategic services to help brands through each stage of the process. Others simply provide a convenient self-serving tool. Many of them operate across multiple social channels, but some focus on a particular social platform.

How can influencer marketing platforms help brands?

Find the right influencers for your brand

Smart technology and massive databases will run clever algorithms to recommend the best influencers for a given campaign. Compare influencers by location, follower count, audience demographics, engagement rate, aesthetic and more.

Keep track of every influencer relationship

With a single click, you can invite creators to your campaign with an automatically generated, optimized message. All of your influencer communications, terms, payments, and content is handled right within the platform, keeping every collaboration on track.

Prove your influencer marketing ROI

User-friendly dashboards and post-level tracking allow you to see exactly how every influencer campaign is performing. Test many influencer relationships and invest in the ones that drive the best results for your brand.

Create unlimited branded content

Turn your influencer community into a content engine for the entire marketing team. Build a community of hundreds of creators to generate video and image assets for paid social ads, website content, and more.

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