What is engagement rate?

Some brands have not embraced influencer marketing because they don’t think they can prove the ROI. However, measuring engagement rate shows how well influencer content performs. What is engagement rate and how do you measure it?

In influencer marketing, engagement rate is an important metric that shows the level of interaction an influencer typically receives on their content. It is a measurement of the overall performance of an influencer’s content and the response rate of an influencer’s audience.

Engagement rate is measured by the following formula:

Engagement Rate (%) = Total Engagement / Follower Count x 100

Engagement rate also differs depending on the platform that the influencer uses to promote a brand’s product. For example, if the influencer is a food blogger, the same content will have a different level of engagement on Instagram as compared to a blog post.

It is important to consider an influencer’s real engagement rate before proposing a collaboration. Engagement rate is more important than the number of followers. However, keep in mind that some engagement (i.e. likes and comments) is also fake, due to bots and self-promoters. The goal is to partner with influencers with at least a 3% engagement rate. This shows a good level of engagement and proves that the influencer produces content that their audience actually wants to be a part of.

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