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3 Tech & App Brands with Supercharged Influencer Marketing Strategies

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Tech brands have always been masters of all things social media. HP was the first company to hit one million followers on LinkedIn. GE was one of the first brands to conquer event streaming on Facebook Live. And AT&T won the 2016 Shorty Award for Best Online Community.

These companies are built on innovation and experimentation. So, it’s no surprise that tech brands have also taken full advantage of influencer marketing as it blossomed into what it is today.

In this three-part series, we’re exploring influencer marketing strategies specifically for tech brands. Part one explored six influencer marketing best practices that we’ve observed from successful tech brands.

Now, in part two, we’ll provide four examples of tech brands that have supercharged influencer marketing strategies.

Best Fiends

TL;DR Best Fiends leverages macro-influencers on YouTube to create thousands of pieces of content and establish widespread brand awareness. Their initiative has attracted a daily active user base of 2 million.

The highly addictive puzzle adventure game, Best Fiends, established widespread brand awareness by teaming up with macro-influencers on YouTube. In fact, the company put 90% of its marketing budget to influencer marketing campaigns, creating over 700 individual videos and 2,000 pieces of content that featured well-known content creators.

Each of the sponsored influencers briefly displayed how the game works in their video before continuing with their usual content. All of them also included downloadable links in the description boxes, encouraging viewers to try out the game after watching the video.

And the call to action worked, especially since 60% of YouTube subscribers follow advice on what to buy -- or what to download, in this case -- from their favorite creators. The YouTube campaign eventually attracted a loyal active user base of 2 million people.


TL;DR Audible commissions top YouTubers from a variety of niches to promote their audiobook service to a diverse range of people. It also provides unique download links to each influencer to give viewers their first audiobook for free.

Because Audible appeals to a wide range of people, the company worked with top YouTubers from a wide array of niches, such as gaming, entertainment, film and animation, and more. By working with macro-influencers, Audible was able to get the word out about their convenient audiobook service.

To drive mass conversions in the form of sign-ups for their membership service, the company also provided each influencer with a unique download link that they could share with viewers to get their first audiobook for free. Not only did this encourage action, but it also provided a way for the company to track which influencers fit well with the brand.

Audible’s influencers integrate the brand seamlessly into their videos. For example, YouTuber Tyler Oakley (7.6 million subscribers) discussed ten things he can’t live without, including Audible.


TL;DR Samsung Home Appliances repurposes influencer-generated content for paid ads and brand-owned social channels to beautifully showcase their products and catch the attention of their desired audience.

Samsung promoted its home appliances, such as refrigerators, ovens, washers and dryers, with the help of high-quality home design and mommy influencers. These talented influencers completed their homes with Samsung’s products and showcased their functional everyday use in their content.

Then, Samsung repurposed the influencer-generated content for their paid ads and brand-owned channels, such as Instagram. This way, the brand was able to better blend its content on social media and more easily capture the attention of their desired audience.

Up next, discover five up-and-coming tech influencers who will surely boost your next campaign. Learn more about technology influencers here.

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