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5 Ways To Repurpose Top-Performing Influencer-Generated Content

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In a world where brands struggle to cut through the noise, creating a bank of engaging, authentic, and personalized content is a must.

But, the traditional content creation process of booking a studio or location and hiring models, designers, and photographers requires a huge commitment of resource, time and money. And, even after all of that, the resulting content is often not as authentic as it needs to be — lacking the creativity and personalization to really connect with your customers. 

The solution? Influencer-generated content of course. Influencer-generated content (or IGC) is high-performing and highly-engaging content created by influencers and content creators. Because they have relevant audiences who represent your ideal customer profile, they are experts at crafting authentic and entertaining content that appeals directly to your target customers. 

Even better? IGC comes at a much lower cost than content produced in a professional studio, leading to improved campaign effectiveness and greater efficiencies right across the marketing funnel. In fact, brands like Icon Fitness generated 10x content ROI while also saving over $10K on content creation costs, simply by tapping into influencer-generated content. 

5 Ways to Repurpose Top-Performing Influencer-Generated Content

Ready to replicate these results? We thought so. Here are our top 5 ways to leverage high-performing influencer-generated content and skyrocket your marketing results for a fraction of the cost.

Brand-Owned Social Media

Beauty brand Glossier's Instagram Feed
Glossier peppers its branded social media channels with aesthetic, engaging and diverse IGC

Social media has become a key channel for companies to showcase their brand personalities, connect authentically with customers and even build powerful brand communities. What better way to do that than by sharing authentic influencer-generated content on branded channels? 

Familiar with seeing IGC on their feeds, users are much more likely to engage with these branded posts as they would with organic content, consequently building brand trust and encouraging engagement directly with the brand. And with 76% of customers admitting to purchasing something after seeing it in a brand’s social media post, it can be a great driver of shorter-term sales too! 

Your Website

Beauty brand Glossier's website hompage, which utilises a lot of influencer generated content
IGC dominates Glossier’s website, showcasing its products on a variety of skin types and tones

When looking to buy products and services online, customers want to feel confident that their purchase will meet their expectations. A key way people do this is by looking to others – they may ask their friends and family, browse online reviews and testimonials, or, you guessed it, look to influencers. In fact, 56% of customers have purchased a product after seeing it used by influencers, and an impressive 40% rely on influencers to make a purchase

You can see then why it would be beneficial to bring IGC to the place where customers are primed and ready to make a purchase. Adding IGC to your website is also a powerful way to bring more diversity to your channels, showcasing your products on different skintones and body types, and being used by people from different backgrounds, genders, and ethnicities. 

Learn more about the role influencers play in fostering social proof →

Paid Ads

Ingragram Ad from Beauty Brand Glossier featuring influencer-generated content
Influencer-generated content is used heavily in Glossiers paid ads too

And if you thought influencer-generated content was powerful on owned branded channels, just wait till you see it perform for paid. Recent Meta research has shown that using IGC to power paid ads can increase purchase outcomes by 82%, while creating a 4x improvement in brand lift. 

Much like seeing IGC on brand social media accounts, customers are much more likely to interact with IGC-powered paid ads like they do organic content. And the ability to pair this highly-engaging content with super specific audience targeting – it’s a win-win for your performance teams!

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Screengrab from a Glossier email campaign featuring influencer-generated content
Glossier repurposes IGC for its email newsletters and promotions

So we’ve covered using IGC to expand your community and reach new customers, but what about your existing fanbase? 

Well, the good news is that IGC is a great fit for email activity too. Perhaps you’re promoting a new product launch, shouting about an in-store promotion, or even announcing a giveaway. Harnessing IGC is a great way to add extra authenticity to these announcements, not to mention bringing a satisfying amount of consistency to your brand messaging and imagery. 


Out of home (OOH) advertising billboard by Glossier showing beauty influencers wearing bright make-up
Glossier takes IGC to new heights by featuring influencers in billboard campaigns

While IGC is a powerhouse for online channels, rest assured, it’s just as effective for offline marketing too. Use it to create vibrant ads for out-of-home (OOH) activations, such as magazines, newsletters, billboards, and even in-store advertisements that really capture attention. 

Extra Benefits of Fuelling Branded Channels With IGC  

We’ve covered a wealth of benefits of IGC in this piece, but what’s a few more? 

  • Consistency – So, we’ve used the single example of Glossier throughout this entire post, and for a reason. See how well these different campaign executions work together? Using IGC can bring consistency to your branded activity, enhancing the stickiness of your brand messaging and making it easier for customers to build a recognizable picture of your brand values and personality. 
  • Diversity –  At a time where diversity and inclusivity is more important than ever, IGC gives brands an opportunity to build representation into its content, spotlighting people from all walks of life and helping even more potential customers to see themselves in the brand. 
  • Scale – Sure it’s versatile, high-performing, and cost-effective, but another shining benefit of IGC is that it’s easily scalable. While one professional shoot might give you 100 images that look similar and have a short shelf life, IGC offers an ever-growing bank of fresh and versatile content, so you’ll never be short of imagery for that last minute campaign again. 

Top Tips for Repurposing IGC 

While IGC brings a multitude of benefits and can be shared easily and quickly by brands, there are few things to be aware of before you start repurposing: 

  1. Secure usage rights - Without usage rights, content created by influencers doesn’t belong to you, therefore removing the right for you to post it on your own channels. When partnering with influencers, make sure to build usage rights into your influencer terms, so you can use the content freely on all of the channels we’ve covered above.
  1. Reward top creators - Influencers are an extension of your brand, and should be treated accordingly. Focus on building long-term relationships and rewarding the creators who create the best-performing content for your brand. Trust us, it will benefit you both in the long run!
  1. Build a content library - And finally, when generating vast amounts of IGC, you need to have a place to store it all! Make sure to build a content library that can easily be accessed by anyone from your organization that may need to use it, and even tag content by campaign or date to make it super easy to track down. Aspire’s searchable Content Library automatically organizes content and even syncs to Google Drive to simplify this whole process. See how Aspire’s content management tools can help →

And there we have it! We hope you’re inspired and ready to enhance your channels with high-performing IGC. 

To learn more about partnering with influencers and content creators to create on-brand IGC, check out our guide.

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