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Introducing Chrome Extension: Your Bridge to a Larger Discovery Universe

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Have you ever found the perfect creator on Instagram and wished that you could invite them directly to your campaign on Aspire? If so, we have some good news for you.

Enter: Aspire’s new Chrome Extension.

What is the Aspire Chrome Extension? 

Streamline time-consuming influencer searching with the Aspire Chrome Extension

Let’s say you found a well-aligned influencer on Instagram for your new wellness campaign running on Aspire. Instead of leaving your Instagram DMs and trying to connect with them again via our platform’s search engine, you can now simply click the Aspire Chrome Extension to add them to your campaign. 

Once you install the free extension, you’ll be able to search, invite, and import creators to your Aspire campaign — directly from your Chrome browser. You can also send personalized messages to creators through Instagram DMs, or even save creator profiles for a future campaign.

How does the Aspire Chrome Extension benefit you?

Influencer search is the talk of the town lately. The recent crackdown on third-party data usage and the increased focus on privacy have affected how brands find their ideal creators for their partnerships — limiting search capabilities to only the influencers who agree to share their first-party data. As influencer discovery gets increasingly difficult, we want to empower brands with as many tools as possible to find the perfect creators for their campaigns.

While there are already many ways to find influencers through Aspire, we know that brands are mostly interacting and building relationships with creators directly on social platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest. With the Chrome Extension, we want to make it easy for brands to bring those creators onto Aspire seamlessly and quickly, and to continue to deepen their connections through our product. 

With the Aspire Chrome Extension, you can easily:

  • Find, save, and recruit creators from anywhere on the web 
  • Send personalized messages to creators on Instagram DMs
  • Save creator profiles for a future campaign

You can install the free Aspire Chrome Extension here to get started. 

Interested in seeing the rest of Aspire’s influencer discovery tools? Book a demo. 

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