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Aspire's Influencer Marketing Academy

Everything you need to know to build, run, and track a successful influencer marketing program. Taught by industry experts.
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Course Overview

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with questions like who are influencers? How do I find the right ones for my brand? How much do I pay them? And maybe most difficult question of all, how do I measure their success?  That's why we brought in people who have faced and overcome these challenges to share their tried-and-true experience.

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Course Curriculum

Welcome to Aspire's Influencer Marketing Academy!
Defining business objectives
Building a tailored strategy
Get creative: Planning your campaign theme
Identifying the perfect influencers for your brand
Creating & managing relationships with influencers
Getting budget & paying influencers
Determining influencer marketing ROI
Advancing your career in influencer marketing
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What you'll learn

Through this academy, you will gain the knowledge you need to build and manage a sustainable influencer program that will stand the test of time. Each lesson will also provide relevant templates and assignments you need so that by the time you are done, you will be able to:

  • How to set influencer marketing objectives that complement your existing marketing initiatives
  • Qualities to look for when choosing influencers to work with
  • How to create comprehensive contracts and manage payments
  • How to measure and share your influencer campaign ROI
  • Examples of high performing influencer marketing campaigns

Meet your Instructors

Gabriella Koek
Influencer Associate Manager, Ruggable
Georgina Whalen
Influencer & Talent Manager, Apartment Therapy
Kara Salazar
Social Media & Influencer Manager, European Wax Center
Kristina Aviles
Senior Specialist in Influencer Marketing, Venus
Lindsay McClelland
Director of Marketing, Little Sleepies
Maddie Kirkland
Social Media/Influencer Manager, Right Rice
Magda Houalla
Senior Director of Strategy, Aspire
Marilyn Tounger
Campaign/Social Media Services Manager, Aspire

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