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How Chomps cultivated 250+ ambassador relationships with Aspire

Discover how Aspire bolstered Chomps’ ambassador discovery capabilities – helping them cultivate trust with entirely new audiences.
boost in shopper acquisitions
ambassador relationships created in just 6 months
Key features used:
Influencer Search Engine
Creator Marketplace
“Aspire has given us the opportunity to streamline an efficient process from discovery to content execution — and the results really speak for themselves”
Korina Sanchez
Performance Marketing Manager at Chomps

Chomps leads the snacking revolution with high-quality, protein-rich snacks made from real, simple ingredients. Family-owned and operated for over a decade, Chomps has received universal acclaim from major publications such as Forbes, Food Network, and Eat This Not That!

Chomps hoped to reach new audiences without manually searching for ambassadors

Knowing modern-day consumers are highly discerning about their food choices, Chomps sought to partner with creators operating in authoritative fields, including nutritionists, dieticians, and athletes. However, their marketing team often spent hours manually scrolling through Instagram to find creators who were (hopefully) the right fit for their campaigns.

Chomps sought a more sustainable ambassador marketing solution that:

  • Streamlined ambassador marketing operations from sourcing to execution
  • Expanded Chomps’ creator directory to reach new audiences and cement trust

When Korina Sanchez, Performance Marketing Manager at Chomps, discovered Aspire, she instantly knew she found the most comprehensive solution for her team.  

“Before Aspire, we were manually searching IG, looking at our hashtags, and researching brands that we love to see who they're working with; it was all very manual and time-consuming.” 

Aspire found Chomps knowledgeable ambassadors with niche audiences 

Chomps leveraged Aspire’s influencer marketing platform to significantly expand its creator network — helping the brand reach new audiences and cement consumer trust. 

Korina and her team attribute this success to these key benefits of our platform:

Benefit #1: Frictionless ambassador marketing interface 

Having Aspire as her single source of truth has been key in helping Korina reduce friction across her ambassador program, from sourcing to execution. She now has support for campaigns, content creation, and relationship management. Her creators also remark at how user-friendly the platform is when it comes to pay-structure and coupon management. 

Benefit #2: Effortless creator discovery  

With Aspire’s Influencer Search Engine, Korina has the world’s top creators at her fingertips, complete with their associated performance stats. Additionally, she can publish campaign briefs in Aspire's Creator Marketplace and receive inbound applications from interested, aligned creators. She now spends less time manually scrolling through hashtags to find creators and more time strategizing on how to reach new audiences.    

"Aspire continues to open doors to partners we'd likely never discover through traditional exploration, social network searches, or other manual efforts."


Chomps witnesses a doubling in shopper acquisitions versus its usual affiliate program

With her refreshed lineup of top creators, Korina leveraged Chomps’ ambassador program to supercharge new shopper acquisition rates by 100% – dwarfing results from their traditional affiliate program and shattering expectations for 2023. 

Here’s a snapshot of more results Aspire has driven for Chomps since onboarding:

  • 100% boost in shopper acquisitions vs. traditional affiliate program
  • 250+ ambassador relationships created in just 6 months
  • Built trust with creators across niche customer groups

Moving forward, Korina plans to expand Chomps’ network of ambassadors and dive into niche markets that she was previously hesitant to enter. With trust as her north star, Korina is delighted to have Aspire as her go-to creator search platform for finding authoritative voices that will drive awareness and conversions.

“Aspire has empowered us to execute on so many partnerships and marketing goals we set for 2023. We can't wait to exceed those goals in 2024.”
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