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How Scentbird achieved $185k in Total Media Value with Aspire

Learn how Aspire helps Scentbird dramatically accelerate every step of influencer sourcing and management — all while nurturing more meaningful creator relationships.
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About Scentbird

Scentbird is the fragrance subscription service helping users discover the scents that are perfect for them. The brand’s monthly boxes sample perfumes and colognes from over 600 brands and counting. 

Scentbird spent hours scrolling to find the right creators

Whether you’re shopping for a signature daily cologne or love collecting perfumes, finding a scent you love can be a deeply personal experience — one you just can’t capture in static copy or images. Knowing this, the team at Scentbird doubled down on influencer marketing, teaming up with creators to get their unique takes on fragrances and gain access to their audiences. 

The process of sourcing and managing these micro-influencers eventually became a manual drain. Georgy Meshcheryakov, Senior Influencer Marketing Manager at Scentbird, spent hours daily searching for creators who could produce top-tier UGC for YouTube, Twitch, and TikTok. They eventually tried a variety of influencer marketing platforms, but all of these tools were either: 

  1. Too complex to navigate in terms of interfaces
  2. One-size-fits-all, with little-to-no options to adjust to meet Scentbird’s unique needs

Fortunately, the brand eventually discovered Aspire — and wound up with a platform that makes influencer activations simple, trackable, and searchable. 


Since onboarding with Aspire, the Scentbird team has seen immense improvements to their influencer marketing workflows. Georgy attributes this to three unique elements of our solution: 

Benefit #1: Aspire streamlines sourcing & onboarding influencers

Thanks to Aspire’s Influencer Search Engine, Georgy and his team no longer weed through hashtags for hours to find creators who match Scentbird’s aesthetic and mission. Instead, they can: 

  1. Search and filter through creators based on any criteria they can imagine
  2. Click into each creator’s profile to view typical audience demographics, previous stats, etc. and ensure a perfect fit
  3. Outreach to thousands of micro-influencers at once

After they’ve sourced their creators, Scentbird can generate promo codes and similar assets near-instantly, ensuring every influencer can be activated ASAP. Overall, Georgy saves significant time throughout his standard campaign workflow. 

Benefit #2: Aspire nurtures positive brand-creator relationships

Aspire has been the ideal solution for Scentbird due to their focus on teaming up with micro-influencers and independent creators. Instead of endless back-and-forth emails with agents who manage major Internet personalities, Scentbird can communicate and negotiate directly with creators on Aspire’s platform — empowering both sides of the discussion to advocate for themselves and their needs. 

Benefit #3: Aspire ensures easy and accurate campaign testing

Aspire makes it effortless to track CPA and CPM, while our official partnerships with major social platforms ensure authentic first-party influencer data. As a result, Scentbird can accurately test campaigns and gauge which platforms and creators generate the strongest ROI. 

With every new development and rollout, Georgy emphasizes that Aspire becomes even more relevant to Scentbird’s ever-evolving needs. 

“Aspire is a great solution if you need a lot of influencer content. We often hire around 40 creators at a time, which makes Aspire incredibly cost-efficient in terms of content production.” 

Scentbird garnered over 5.4M views on TikTok with Aspire 

As a young brand on the rise, Scentbird needed a lean influencer marketing machine. They found exactly that through Aspire. 

Here’s a snapshot of the results Aspire has driven for Scentbird so far:  

  • 125 influencer relationships and counting in 2023 with 92% of partners excited to work with the brand for just product trade 
  • Over 5.4M views on TikTok garnered with expected continued growth over time
  • $185,000 in Total Media Value and to drive ROI further and over 150 pieces of influencer generated content that Scentbird can repurpose for paid ads. 

Looking ahead, Georgy is excited to continually expand and elevate Scentbird’s influencer marketing strategies by testing new features and platform integrations. In a world where content is king, he’s glad to have an influencer search partner in Aspire.

“Aspire platform is a good solution for brands that want to collaborate with micro-influencers. We have tested a lot of Influencers from different categories and we continue to collaborate with many.” - Georgy Meshcheryakov, Senior Influencer Marketing Manager at Scentbird
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