User Generated Content: What Brands Need To Know

How brands can leverage user-generated content to connect with your target audience
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User Generated Content driving brand awareness

4 reasons UGC should be a part of every brand marketing strategy

It’s Proven To Perform

On average, brands see a 11x higher ROI from UGC content than branded ads. It makes sense, as humans’ natural inclination is to mirror the behaviors of the people around us, of course we engage more with & trust content from people who reflect our own lives back to us.

Costs Less Than Studio Shoots

More brands are realizing that investing budget back into your customer base through sponsored campaigns or product gifting can yield more effective results. Not only are you nurturing your existing customer base, but to do so costs less than a high end studio shoot to get the same amount of usable content.

Prioritizes Authenticity

No matter the industry, today’s shoppers go to friends, family, peers and social media for product discovery and research. When consumers see someone real promote a product, they subconsciously trust this more than a professional studio shoot.

Celebrates Diversity

A professional photoshoot in the same location on the same day will only give you so much diversity. Working with actual customers or a selection of content creators not only expands the diversity of people in your content, but adds diversity of location, filming style and creative flare – this protects you from ad-fatigue and creates a campaign that better represents your consumer.

What Is User-Generated Content & Why Is It Influential?

User-Generated Content (UGC) is any content that has been created by an individual, not the brand themselves. It comes varying formats; from images to social posts to videos to product reviews & more. Because of social media and smartphones, more people than ever are posting their experiences online, and according to many studies, these types of user generated recommendations are the most effective type of influence:

92% of customers are looking for reviews and recommendations from existing customers. (Nielson)

84% of consumers say they trust recommendations from people they know over all other sources of advertising. (Nielson)

Create More Content Than Ever Before

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Strategies to Make The Most of Your User-Generated Content

Repurpose UGC across your owned channels

Post or re-share UGC on your own social channels, upload reviews to your website or include in your email campaigns – make sure you ask permission first!

Nurture Customers Through UGC Events

Create a campaign that is focused solely on generating UGC -e.g. Community events, ambassador programs, gifting for top customers.

Turn UGC content into sponsored ads

Reach new audiences by turning your best UGC content into sponsored ads on TikTok Meta and other platforms that run ads.

Where to showcase user-generated content

Not sure where to repurpose UGC? Here is where we see UGC perform best:

Paid Social

Please your performance teams by turning your best-performing content into branded ads. Less risk, more reward.


Elevate consumer trust by publishing authentic user generated quotes and images on your website homepage and product pages.

Email Marketing

Embed UGC imagery, videos and reviews into your branded emails for that extra layer of validation.

Out Of Home

Break through banner blindness by showcasing authentic, relatable content in your OOH advertisements.


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