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3 Family and Baby Brands Giving Life to Influencer Marketing

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According to US Census Bureau of Data, millennial moms represent 20% of moms in the US and 80% of new mothers. And in our web-focused world, it’s no surprise that 87% of these moms also shop online to buy baby products, including clothes, toys, and diapers.

Influencer marketing works extremely well for family and baby brands because moms already have a huge presence online and make much of their purchasing decisions based on what they see on the internet. So don’t miss out on this opportunity to make your brand known and drive more sales!

In this four-part series, we’re exploring influencer marketing strategies specifically for family and baby brands. In part one, we explored four influencer marketing best practices that we gathered after examining hundreds of successful collaborations on AspireIQ.

Now, in part two, we’ll learn about three family and baby brands who are giving life to influencer marketing. Let’s jump in!

Boody Baby

TL;DR Boody Baby works with influencers who are great storytellers, making their content relatable and highly effective. The brand also knows its marketing goals and products through and through. They use visual platforms like Pinterest and Instagram to promote their eco-friendly baby clothes.

Boody Baby’s eco-friendly baby clothes are super-soft and adorable. But the brand wanted to reach beyond the physical appeal of its product when it came to its influencer marketing strategies.

Because mommy influencers are known for their ability to tell small yet meaningful stories, Boody Baby wanted to leverage their talents to deepen its connection with its target audiences. To do so, Boody Baby created its #OurLittlestWonder campaign.

Instead of asking influencers to just endorse Boody Baby’s products, the brand asked them to join the hashtag-based community and share those little, everyday stories that tap into real experiences of parents everywhere. Below, an influencer writes about her feelings on election day and how voting can affect her baby in the future. Other parents commented similar sentiments, creating a great dialogue of parenting stories and wisdom!

And while emotional captions were definitely the best way to drive engagement, Boody Baby also used the visual platform Pinterest to simply promote its product and increase brand awareness. The Pinterest board included repurposed influencer-generated content and further provided parents browsing the site ideas on how to dress their baby.


TL;DR Wonderbly works with influencers who have naturally engaging images to capture the most authentic content possible. The brand also establishes long-term relationships with its influencers to nurture customers and build their audience authenticity.

Of course, for a personalized book brand like Wonderbly, emotional resonance is extremely important. So, Wonderbly’s influencers always capture whimsical or heart-warming content in a natural setting — typically featuring parents reading to their kids, or children lost deep in one of Wonderbly’s books.

To go one step further, Wonderbly builds long-term relationships with influencers to establish authenticity and to keep customers coming back. This has allowed the brand to scale its business quickly and build close relationships with its customers, many of whom shop for personalized books multiple times a year.

Below are some images captured by @4tinyarrows for Wonderbly. This influencer was able to share her kids’ genuine love for Wonderbly over time, making their collaboration extremely authentic and seemingly effortless — the mark of a successful partnership!

Wonderbly also repurposes IGC for their own Instagram feed and Facebook ads. By doing so, the brand is able to take advantage of the engaging content that it has already sourced.


TL;DR Summer uses many different social media platforms to provide extensive information about its high-quality baby gear and to be transparent about its products.

Because Summer carries all kinds of baby gear — ranging from strollers and car seats to wash tubs and toilet trainers — the brand leverages many different platforms to promote its products. For example, the brand asks influencers to post on Instagram with a short introduction to one of its products.

But since many moms typically make a purchase when they listen to someone’s story or hear in-depth about how a product works, Summer also asks those who have a presence on YouTube to post an honest and thorough review of the items.

In part three, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about working with mommy influencers.

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