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How a baby gear brand launched a highly effective affiliate marketing campaign that skyrocketed sales while keeping costs low.
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“Influencer used to be a top of the funnel tactic for us, so we mainly focused on awareness, impressions, reach, and engagement. Now with Aspire, we’re able to activate affiliates to actually drive conversions for our high-consideration products”
Amie Stanton
Senior Director, Marketing & Brand Engagement at 4moms

4moms is an award-winning baby gear company that’s been recognized for its innovative designs with a Red Dot award and by the Parents’ Choice Foundation. Amie Stanton, Senior Director, Marketing & Brand Engagement at 4moms, knew just how important it was to leverage influencer marketing in an industry where word-of-mouth is so powerful. The brand had primarily used the channel to drive brand awareness and to secure UGC marketing content, but was on the lookout for ways to improve the program’s ROI. After a lot of research, Amie partnered with Aspire to boost conversions through affiliate marketing.  


Affiliate marketing program

In its early stages, 4moms’ influencer marketing program was geared towards educating parents about the benefits of 4moms products, building a community on social media, ultimately with the goal of becoming a household name. Once their customer base was familiar with the 4moms brand, Amie harnessed Aspire to manage the nitty-gritty logistics of running an affiliate marketing program at scale

Before working with Aspire, Amie found it difficult to run an affiliate program for several reasons: 

  1. Because the customer lifecycle is short in the world of baby shopping, affiliate marketing didn’t seem like an effective strategy.
  2. Getting creators set up and comfortable with an affiliate program could be a cumbersome process.
  3. Parents typically spend a lot of time researching which baby gear they want to invest in, and don’t make spontaneous purchases on social media.
  4. From past experience running affiliate campaigns, the results didn’t appear to be worth the investment.

But within 6 months of using Aspire: 

  1. 4moms’ affiliate program generated over 300 conversions and $65k in sales while maintaining a low CAC.
  2. Amie was able to get her affiliates set up with unique tracking links and promo codes in a matter of days.
  3. Creators were trying out 4moms products and creating authentic content based on their experience with the brand.

How did she do it?

Before bringing on Aspire, Amie was using an excel spreadsheet to keep track of partnerships and next steps. Now, Aspire empowers Amie to manage her influencer program of over 500 creators—all on one streamlined platform—without losing the personal touch you need to develop meaningful relationships with new moms and parents.

Product seeding at scale

While scaling was practically impossible on her old platform, Aspire allows Amie to quickly and seamlessly send out products to each affiliate as part of their product-seeding campaign. Additionally, Amie can now design a unique compensation structure to build an attractive commission strategy that incentivizes creators to drive sales

Because all affiliates are gifted 4moms products, 4moms is able to:

  1. Source a wealth of lifestyle imagery showcasing 4moms products in diverse settings and backgrounds.
  2. Build long-term relationships with creators who love the brand and products.
  3. Keep costs low and maintain a low CAC. 

Since partnering with Aspire, Amie has been able to grow 4moms’ presence online and increase brand sentiment within her target audience. She’s also been able to drive ROI to prove the value of influencer marketing to her leadership team

With Aspire, Amie has been able to:

  1. Secure more budget given the results of the influencer marketing program
  2. Equip her paid ads team with IGC that drives 30% more conversions than their standard ads
  3. Save thousands annually by relying on influencers as a content-generation channel rather than studio shoots 

Feeling inspired? Learn more about running an affiliate marketing campaign with Aspire and book a demo today → 

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