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Aspire content feature allows you to see your top performing content
Graph showing the exponential growth of the creator economy between 2012 - 2021

The Creator Economy: An influencer-brand love story

The creator economy is booming.

Worth an estimated $104 billion, the industry is now made up of over 50 million digital-savvy creators, who have been able to shape their careers around generating engaging, informative and entertaining content.

This economy also offers up a myriad of opportunities for brands too who are looking to increase reach, drive sales, and boost engagement within their target audiences.

By tapping directly into dedicated online communities via influencer-generated content (IGC), brands can effectively cut through the noise and speak directly to their target audiences when they are engaged, interested, and, importantly, listening.

    Why work with creators to generate content?

    What brands can expect from influencer-generated content:

    High performing

    Authentically produced and perfectly tailored to individual audiences, influencer-generated content delivers on its promise. It has the potential to tell a compelling story with diverse partners, locations, filming style and creative flare – there’s a reason brands see a 11x higher ROI from influencer content than branded ads.

    Cost effective

    Why channel huge chunks of marketing budget into studio shot creative only for it to quickly lose its novelty? Putting the same budget towards influencer-generated content enables brands to tap into many unique audiences while generating unlimited amounts of fresh content.


    Influencer-generated content really is the gift that keeps on giving. Not only can it be used to speak directly with your influencers’ highly-engaged audiences, but can power your social media channels, email campaigns, website and landing pages and OOH! Turning your best-performing content into branded content ads can lead to an 82% increase in purchase outcomes – not a result we want to turn down.

    Strategies to Make The Most of
    Your Influencer-Generated Content

    Share directly on influencer channels

    Work with creators to sponsor posts on their channels. Harness affiliate links and ambassador programs to tailor campaigns according to your objectives.

    Use content in paid ad campaigns

    Turn top performing content into sponsored ads on Meta and Tiktok. Reach new audiences by running targeted ad campaigns via your influencer’s handle.

    Repurpose on your owned channels

    Lean on influencer-generated content to power your owned marketing channels such as emails, website, packaging and organic social.

    See how Bouqs used influencer content drive 8 Million Impressions

    Power your owned marketing channels with creator content

    Email Marketing

    Boost click-throughs and web traffic by embedding influencer content directly into your branded emails. Easily create personalized content for each audience segment.


    Elevate consumer trust by hosting authentic influencer content on your website landing pages – no more airbrushed models and stylized shoots!

    Paid Social

    Please your performance teams by turning your best-performing content into branded ads. Less risk, more reward.

    Out Of Home

    Show off your products to the world. Break through banner blindness by showcasing authentic, relatable content in your OOH advertisements.

    Aspire's content feature allows for easy filtering of your influencer generated content
    Content Library

    Organize Your Influencer-Generated Content In One Place

    Manage all of your influencer-generated content in one central library. Tag each post so you can easily search and filter by influencer, campaign or project, ensuring top-performing influencer content is always at your fingertips.

      Using Aspire to request updated content usage rights
      Content Licensing

      Secure Image Rights

      Ready to make the most of your highly engaging influencer-generated content? With full image rights automatically built into our digital workflows, you can share content across every marketing channel, knowing no legal box has been left unticked.
        Aspire's content review allowing a team to approve or reject a piece of content
        Content Approvals

        Review and Approve Content Before It Goes Live

        When working with multiple brand partners, protecting your brand image is crucial. Make sure every piece of influencer content meets your brand’s values and guidelines with Aspire’s easy content approvals.
          Request branded ad access directly through aspire with the branded content ad feature
          Maximize Content

          Boost Your Best-Performing Content

          We’ve got scaling down to a science. Turn content into sponsored ads seamlessly using our integration with Meta, while monitoring performance and optimizing campaigns with our robust dashboards.

          Find out about branded content ads.
            Aspire's reverse image search feature
            Reverse Image Search
            Accounts with a certain aesthetic driving high ROI for your brand? Find influencers with a similar look by dropping an image into our reverse image search tool - a customer favourite!

              Find Similar Creators

              Aspire's impact dashboard showing campaign progress
              Track Content

              Monitor Content Progress to See What Works Best For Your Brand

              How to get the best results from your influencer marketing campaigns? Test and reinvest. Easily track your most important performance metrics in a single dashboard to see which influencers come outontop.

                Frequently asked questions

                1. Can I approve content before it goes live?

                Definitely. Before any influencer-generated content goes live, you get the chance to ensure it meets your brand guidelines — so you never have to worry about brand safety.

                2. How easy is it to search images in the library?

                You bet. Using the influencer whitelisting tools directly in our platform, you can boost influencer posts to reach an even larger audience. We’ve seen brands drive significant revenue with this strategy. Discover everything you need to know about influencer whitelisting here or watch our whitelisting 101 webinar.

                3. Can I boost posts to get more traction?

                You bet. Using the influencer whitelisting tools directly in our platform, you can boost influencer posts to reach an even larger audience. We’ve seen brands drive significant revenue with this strategy. Discover everything you need to know about influencer whitelisting here or watch our whitelisting 101 webinar.

                4. Can I secure image rights?
                Yes! Image rights are built-in on Aspire. Easy-to-use digital term sheets are embedded in your workflow so you automatically acquire full usage rights from influencers.

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