Driving Sales Through Influencer Marketing

Strategies to turn creators, customers and influencer communities into your brands best sales people.
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Checking campaign and affiliate link performance on Aspire impact dashboard

Features you will access on Aspire

Influencer Allowlisting

Do you have influencer content that is organically doing well? Allowlisting enables you to run ads and boost content using the influencer’s handle. You can also include shoppable links and more precise targeting to reach your ideal audience.

Influencer Incentives

Incentivize influencers to post about your brand through an affiliate program allowing them to earn a % commission on every product sold using a personalized link or promo code.

Seasonal Campaigns

Take advantage of seasonal trends such as Mothers Day, Black Friday Christmas to run a creative campaign with influencers and get people talking about your brand all year round.

Two Brands.
Two Strategies.

Both Drove Sales Through Influencer Marketing.

How Do You Know If Your Brand Is Ready To Drive Influencer Sales?

Every brand wants to drive sales through influencer marketing — but certain brands are better positioned to drive direct, trackable sales through influencers:

Products with lower price points

For example, make up and hair care are a better match for influencer marketing than, say, diamond rings

Products with a short customer journey and lower consideration purchase

A new sofa usually requires some consideration compared to some new cushions you might buy on the spot

Brands that are established on social media and have social media storefronts

I.e. those who already have a following and a level of brand awareness

Brands that have are engaged with their target audience

Engagement metrics such as comments, saves, click throughs, email sign ups show great potential for future sales

Send and track affiliate promo codes directly from Aspire
Affiliate Marketing

Turn Top Influencers Into Revenue Driving Affiliates

Reward top-earning influencers with cash for every sale they influence. Create a commission based incentive for your creator and a discount for the consumers – a win win for everyone involved.

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    Generating affiliate codes on Aspire
    Promo Codes

    Create A Powerful Referral Network

    Generate and send unique Shopify promo codes to every creator, ambassador, customer or employee who you consider to be influential to your brand. With trackable codes and links, you can drive sales by doing more of what works.

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      Requesting ad access through Aspire's branded content ads feature
      Influencer Allowlisting

      Run High-Performing Influencer Ads

      Lower CPE, higher CTR. Put paid spend behind your top performing influencers account on Meta. Allowlisting ads are known to have lower CPE, higher CTR due to the creators likeness — all without leaving Aspire platform.

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        Features You Will Access On Aspire

        Affiliate Recruitment

        Find influential partners through the platform and turn them into your new favorite sales reps.

        Affiliate Member Portal

        A full dashboard for creators to view campaign performance.

        Meta Allowlisting

        Leverage your top creators likeness to drive ads to your target market.

        Promo Codes

        Bulk create unique promo codes and send to your top creators, ambassadors and brand fans.

        Revenue Dashboard

        Keep a close eye on sales and know who is driving the highest ROI.

        Creator Payouts

        Payout creators for incentive based programs all under one platform.

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        Frequently asked questions

        1. Can I see campaign ROI at a glance?

        Yes! Aspire’s sales tracking dashboard provides a clear snapshot of all clicks, conversions and sales so you can keep track of campaign ROI in real time.

        2. How does Aspire track sales?

        With Aspire you can create unique promo codes and affiliate tracking links in bulk, so it’s simple to track the sales revenue generated by campaigns, and to measure the impact of specific influencers.

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