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A Performance Marketer’s Guide to Meta Partnership Ads

Here's how to leverage influencer content in Partnership Ads to optimize your ad spend, boost revenue, and reduce CAC.
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Rising ad costs. Tighter budgets. Reduced headcounts. In the era of efficient growth, it’s essential for performance marketers to invest in scalable digital strategies that stretch your dollars and ultimately achieve profitable results. 

There are several ways to do so, but one of the most effective ways to optimize your spend is by leveraging influencer-generated content (IGC) in paid ads. Leveraging IGC in ads allows you to stretch the impact of your existing content, and it’s also proven that influencer content garners 4x higher click-through rates when used in ads. 

In the past, marketers manually downloaded branded content from the creator’s Instagram post, then repurposed it into a separate paid ad on Instagram, Facebook, and other channels. But today, there’s an easier, more seamless way to turn influencer content into supercharged paid ads.

Enter: Meta Partnership Ads.

What are Meta Partnership Ads? 

Meta Partnership Ads, previously known as Branded Content Ads, are Instagram and Facebook ads created from a partnership between a brand and a creator, that run under the creator’s handle with the paid partnership label. Both your brand’s account and the creator’s account are featured in the ad’s header, and the ads leverage signals from both accounts for improved ranking and incremental performance. 

How are Partnership Ads different from account takeovers and allowlisting?

Account takeovers and allowlisting are ads created from a brand-creator partnership that also run under the creator’s handle, but the brand partner is not tagged as a paid partner. However, the brand may be mentioned in other ways.

These are all suitable options for IGC-based ads, but Partnership Ads are the latest and greatest Meta-approved solution. Meta Partnership Ads provide:

  • Integrity: Leveraging Partnership Ads offers creators transparency and protection, and adheres to Meta branded content policies.
  • Creative empowerment: With Partnership Ads, creators have greater control over what content is turned into an ad.
  • Enhanced permissions: With Partnership Ads, one permission simplifies the full branded content experience. 

How can Meta Partnership Ads help you? 

While there are many ways to boost IGC, Meta Partnership Ads are the tried-and-true way to impact your ROAS and CAC. 

Meta’s 2022 Marketing Science meta-analysis of 15 advertiser split tests showed that running Partnership Ads with business-as-usual (BAU) ads in the same campaign as a mixed campaign can dramatically improve campaign performance. The auction determines the ideal distribution of spend between the different creative approaches, leading to efficiencies:

  • 53% higher click-through rates
  • 19% drop in CPA
  • 99% probability to outperform BAU ads only

Another Meta internal study involving 300 brands revealed that Partnership Ads perform better than account takeovers and allowlisting. Compared to creator handle ads without the paid partnership label, Instagram Partnership Ads see: 

  • 82% probability to win for purchase outcomes
  • 3.9% lower cost per purchase
  • 2.4x conversion lift 

How Purdy & Figg Boosted ROAS by 78% with Partnership Ads

Purdy & Figg, the eco-friendly household cleaning brand, worked with Aspire’s Agency Services to source fresh branded content that could fuel their performance channels — namely, their Instagram Partnership Ads.

Aspire first tested which types of content resonated with audiences, from lifestyle to cleaning to product shots, and ran a “Come Clean With Me” campaign on TikTok and Instagram that absorbed trending concepts.

Once the organic content was up and running, our Agency team utilized real-time organic results to strategize the paid approach for performance optimization.

Aspire Agency Services’ all-in-one coverage of performance and paid marketing initiatives prompted an uptick in Purdy & Figg’s ad performance. Reworking their brand messaging also ensured that their core products were sold more positively. Take a look at the metrics Aspire drove in just 60 days on Meta:

  • Purchases increased by 468%
  • Revenue increased 555%
  • ROAS increased by 78%
  • CPA decreased 35%

Getting Started with Partnership Ads

With a direct integration with Meta, brands on Aspire can seamlessly utilize Partnership Ads. Target your ideal audience and boost creator content without ever leaving Aspire. 

Unsure of how to approach Partnership Ads? Work with experts from our Agency Services team to build your strategy and execute various types of paid ad campaigns — from allowlisting to Partnership Ads — so you can take a performance-based approach to your influencer marketing initiatives. Interested? Schedule a time to chat with our Agency Services team.

For more information on Partnership Ads, watch our webinar, Meta + Aspire Present: How To Lower Ad Costs With Branded Content Ads.

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