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What's New at Aspire: Updated Member Details

Today, we're unveiling our new and improved Member Details page, a comprehensive hub for each of your creator relationships.
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Every smart marketer knows that influencer marketing is a relationship game. By building genuine and meaningful relationships with creators, you’re able to run more authentic campaigns — ultimately leading to better returns. 

That’s why we’re excited to unveil our new and improved Member Details page. 

What is the Member Details page?

Managing relationships with all of your creator partners can be difficult. From keeping up with each individual email thread to overseeing each creator’s campaign activity, there are many important steps to building these strong relationships. The Member Details page on Aspire is meant to help you keep all of your creator communications organized, so that you can spend less time digging through emails and managing spreadsheets to keep track of all of your relationships. 

Just as the name implies, Aspire’s Member Details page provides information about each member (creator) of your program, as well as actions that need to be taken. Essentially, the Member Details page is like an all-in-one creator profile, where you can view each creator’s campaign activity, message them, and see all of your interactions.

What’s new with Member Details? 

Prior to our update, the Member Details page had a few tricky interfaces that prevented our customers from seamlessly interacting with each of their members. For instance, when messaging creators through the Member Details page, users couldn’t respond to existing threads and instead had to open a brand new email, making for a less than seamless experience. 

Now, as part of our improvements to the inbox on Aspire, we’ve revamped the Member Details page to allow for easier and more seamless communication. Here are the 2 main updates you can expect:


  • The Member Details page now allows you to message creators through existing email threads. 
  • We have replaced the old composer with a new inbox composer, which includes a large text field that auto-expands, allows for image uploads, and more.
  • You’re able to in-line message within the Member Details message feed.

Activity feed navigation:

  • Messages and activities have been separated on the feed for easier viewing.
  • We’ve reorganized email threads for simpler back and forth communication.
  • General improvements to the UX of the activity feed for easier digestion.

All of the updates to the Member Details page are available to all Aspire customers starting today. Log in to your Aspire account to see the changes.

Not on Aspire yet? Get in touch to see the platform in action.

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