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How Extra Space Storage grew total media value by $1.4M with Aspire’s influencer marketing platform

Discover how Aspire bolstered Extra Space Storage's influencer marketing campaigns with streamlined creator discovery and granular performance insights.
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"Aspire played a key role in helping us reduce reliance on content agencies and generate a thriving in-house influencer marketing engine. Both the platform and Aspire’s highly dedicated staff have been game changers for our team."
Maria Caballero
Social Media Specialist at Extra Space Storage

Extra Space Storage is the largest self-storage company in America, with facilities spread across 43 states and Washington D.C. Since its incorporation in 1977, Extra Space Storage has taken the industry by storm — with over 3,600 self-storage properties and a $12.8 billion acquisition of competitor Life Storage in 2023. 

Extra Space Storage sought to reduce reliance on content agencies

Maria Caballero, Social Media Specialist at Extra Space Storage, found that outsourcing influencer marketing to a traditional content agency didn't deliver the experience she expected. While the agency helped source influencers and execute campaigns, Maria sought more control over the following:

  • Performance insights – With the agency handling performance reporting, Maria found it difficult to determine influencer impact and make timely campaign optimizations.
  • Creator rates – Maria felt the creator rates Extra Space Storage was paying were too steep and wanted the ability to negotiate pricing herself.

Maria knew it was time to bring Extra Space Storage's influencer marketing program in-house. However, she needed a solution that would make the transition easier for her lean marketing team. That's when she found Aspire.

"Reducing reliance on agencies is a tough task when operating with a lean marketing team. Aspire helped us bridge that operational gap and regain control over our influencer marketing program."

Aspire provides a single source of truth for influencer marketing

With Aspire’s influencer marketing platform, Extra Space Storage pulled its program in-house without any extra lift. They’re now able to source new creators, negotiate terms, analyze campaign performance, and process payments effortlessly — all in one place.

For example, using our Creator Marketplace, Extra Space Storage partnered with a prominent creator on a Summer campaign that hit 3.2 million impressions on TikTok.

This success inspired Extra Space Storage to diversify its content strategy with a UGC campaign that championed customer stories. Aspire helped their team facilitate this campaign by:

  • Notifying them whenever a user tags them on social media
  • Streamlining communication between the parties
  • Generating agreeable terms for every customer
  • Promptly processing payments

The icing on the cake? Aspire’s Analytics Dashboard provides Maria with granular, on-demand campaign metrics for each influencer’s impact on visibility, engagement, and sales. Instead of waiting for her agency to respond, Maria can make strategic optimizations at any time. With Aspire's Agency Services also on standby, Maria can re-explore outsourcing in the future, knowing she'll remain in control over her influencer marketing efforts.

Between Extra Space Storage's influencer and UGC campaigns, its total media value has grown by $1.4 million — all while keeping its influencer marketing operations entirely in-house.

"Working with a vast network of creators is new territory for our lean marketing team. We couldn’t have achieved what we have in such a short amount of time without Aspire."

Extra Space Storage eliminates agency reliance while saving 150+ hours on monthly reporting

With Aspire's support, Extra Space Storage was able to drive significant reach and engagement from its new in-house influencer marketing program. The results speak for themselves:

  • Saved 150 hours monthly, thanks to Aspire streamlining creator discovery
  • 3.2 million TikTok views from influencer marketing campaigns
  • $1.4M increase in total media value since the partnership began

Moving forward, Extra Space Storage looks forward to building more creator relationships as they scale their influencer marketing program. With the world's top creators at their fingertips, Extra Space Storage is confident its influencer program will become a new pillar of its overall marketing strategy.

"The results Aspire has helped us drive with our new influencer program have been simply incredible. We can't wait to double down on creator partnerships and ship more winning campaigns in 2024.”
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