Lower CAC through influencer marketing

As ad prices rise, Aspire enables you to lower acquisition costs while creating high-quality content that performs.
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By the numbers

85% more likely to add to cart

Facebook and Instagram campaigns that use influencer ads are 85% more likely to drive people to add products to their cart compared to regular ads alone. (Source: Meta Foresight)

82% more likely to buy a product

When a creator personally recommends a product, consumers are 82% more likely to make that purchase. (Source: Edelman)

90% of consumers trust other customers

90% of consumers believe customers over brand ads. traditional marketing promotions. (Source: PR Newswire)

How can working with creators reduce your CAC?

Running ads through creators accounts

Look to creators as a diversified acquisition channel. Diversify your acquisition strategy by requesting advertiser access so you can promote content through their account.

By driving down content costs

Influencers can drive down CAC because they can produce content for less. Ad agencies and in-house creative teams can be expensive and slow but influencers will plan, record, edit, and post the content themselves.

Gen-Z loves user generated content

Get your existing customers to do the talking for you. 84% of Gen-Z trusts brands that have real customers in their advertisements and are more connected with influencers who post authentic user-generated content

Which Influential People Can You Find On Aspire

Micro & nano Influencers 

Find influencers with small but highly engaged, dedicated followings. Micro and nano influencers typically have very tight-knit communities who can help brands reach a targeted audience and drive conversions.  

Ambassadors & brand fans 

Brand ambassadors and brand fans are an authentic way to form long term relationships with an online community. When a creator connects with a product and brand, they create content that resonates and converts. 

Affiliate partners

When you arm creators with affiliate links and promo codes, they become a cost-effective tool to drive conversions. Affiliates are paid based on performance, making them the perfect tool to lower CAC.   

Influential customers 

Who better to represent your brand than the people who are already buying (and loving) your product? Sync with your Shopify or Woocommerce to build campaigns around your customers who have a large following.  

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Stella & Chewy's

“By using influencers we’ve found through Aspire, we were able to lower spend by about 80% which has allowed us to work with a much broader community of influencers.”

Rachel Bindl
Digital and Social Media Manager

Greats sells out of inventory with influencer marketing

How to find the right champions to reach your target audience through organic content that builds trust and drives conversions. 

How Aspire can help you lower your CAC

Aspire Reverse Image Search
Influencer discovery

Find creators, customers, affiliates & more

Functionality: Find people to work with through our search engine or creator marketplace. Invite them to join through a custom campaign landing page and use our email templates to make outreach easy. 
Aspire Content Approval Functionality
UGC and content creation

Create thousands of pieces of content

Create more content than ever before. Our platform handles usage rights, terms and contracts, content approvals so you can tell your brand’s story without getting bogged down with logistics. Aspire is home to the most talented and digital-savvy creators who are passionate about creating content to educate, inform, and delight their audience. 
Aspire Branded Content Ads Feature
Meta Branded Content Ads

Run ads through influencer accounts 

Functionality: One of the best ways to extend the reach of your content is to run ads through your creators account. Through our partnership with Meta, we make this process seamless for you. Connect your Business Manager Account and we’ll handle the usage rights, access requests so you can focus on building relationships with creators. 
Aspire Campaign Performance Dashboard
Analytics Dashboards

Boost top performing content

Functionality: Every piece of content you create through Aspire will be automatically tracked and measured directly in the platform. You can view our analytics dashboard to assess which content is performing best to boost it or use the content in your paid ad campaigns.

Meta + Aspire Present: How To Lower Ad Costs With Branded Content Ads

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