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How a wellness brand cut through the noise on social media by partnering with the right influencers to reach a younger audience.
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My ability to run influencer campaigns has definitely improved in terms of efficiency. Before, I had to do everything manually, including searching for creators, pitching campaigns, and managing campaign logistics. Now [with Aspire] I have automations and templates for campaign terms, emails, and follow-ups, which has significantly reduced the time I spend on these necessary but manual tasks that go into running a campaign.
Brand Partnerships Manager, Vitauthority

Vitauthority is a health and wellness company with over 450K customers that specializes in creating high-quality science-backed supplements designed to support a wide range of health goals. 

With the launch of their new collagen supplement, they aimed to increase their brand's visibility in the highly competitive health and wellness market. They saw influencer marketing as a key component of their strategy, but faced the challenge of finding the right influencers to promote their product effectively.


Creator marketplace

Given the rising trend of collagen products in the wellness industry, Caitlin (Brand Partnerships Manager), wanted to source a roster of influencers who could effectively promote the supplement and cut through the noise in the crowded market. However, one of the biggest challenges she faced was finding the right influencers to tell her brand’s story in a way that resonated with their target audience. Prior to using Aspire, Caitlin was forced to spend hours manually searching through Instagram and other social media platforms using specific hashtags to find potential influencers. 

With Aspire's Creator Marketplace, Caitlin was able to easily list her campaign and provide briefs to potential partners. This enabled her to target ideal influencers who could create high-quality influencer-generated content (IGC) that would effectively tell Vitauthority's story to their target audience. The marketplace made it incredibly simple for Caitlin to find the perfect influencers who could create content that aligned with the brand's values and voice.

Accessible content creation that pays for itself

Within the first month of using Aspire, Caitlin found that it easily paid for itself with the amount of content generated by creators and influencers. As traditional studio shoots and TV ads cost thousands of dollars, prioritizing influencer marketing has made it easier and more cost effective for newer brands like Vitauthority to market themselves and drive sales.

Aspire has enabled Caitlin to create a vast library of IGC that showcases Vitauthority products through lifestyle imagery and video. These images and videos serve as the foundation of the company’s omni-channel marketing efforts and elevates the brand’s visual identity, as she incorporates this content across the website, social media platforms, and customer emails.

Flexible workflows that streamline campaigns end-to-end

Aspire has allowed Caitlin to maintain a better overview of her campaigns, keeping track of what stage all her creator partners are in and ensuring that nothing gets lost in the shuffle. Aspire allows her to coordinate and manage campaigns more effectively, making her workload more manageable. 

Compared to other platforms that Caitlin has used in the past, Aspire has proven to be the most effective in managing campaigns in a way that suits her needs.


Vitauthority has been able to streamline their influencer campaigns on Aspire’s platform by finding and managing influencers more efficiently, creating accessible content that pays for itself, and utilizing flexible workflows. On Aspire, Caitlin partnered with upwards of 30 creators to generate 5x the amount of content she was producing before. 

The platform has cut Caitlin’s workload in half - allowing her to focus on other tasks and improving the overall efficiency of Vitauthority's influencer marketing campaigns. Aspire has been an essential tool for Vitauthority, allowing them to navigate the challenges of influencer marketing and promote their products more effectively. 

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