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How Zumba streamlined its influencer marketing program with Aspire

Learn how Zumba leverages Aspire to find the perfect influencers to reach each of their target customer demographics.

increase in revenue
Purdy & Figg

Purdy & Figg leveraged Aspire to increase Meta revenue 555% in 60 days

Learn how Purdy & Figg partnered with Aspire generate top quality content and produce high-performing Meta ads.

Home & Garden
AN Skin

How AN Skin drove over $950k sales in less than a year with Aspire

Learn how AN Skin streamlined influencer marketing campaigns and is projected to exceed $1M in sales by EOY with Aspire.

increased engagement rate YoY

How M&M’S boosted influencer engagement rate by 29% with Aspire’s Agency Services

Learn how Aspire boosted M&M’S influencer campaign engagement with tentpole brand moments and tactical support.

Food & Beverage
U.S. Ski & Snowboard Team

How the U.S. Ski & Snowboard Team drove 55.8M impressions on partnership content with Aspire

Learn how the U.S. Ski & Snowboard Team leverages Aspire to optimize their athletes' influencer opportunities and forge long-term partnerships for the organization.

Increase in content reach

How Owlet Baby Care achieved a 102% increase in influencer engagement with Aspire (and an always-on post for their product creator program)

Learn how Owlet Baby Care leveraged Aspire to scale their influencer program and dramatically boost its ROI within three months.

Ad Performance
Ad Performance

What our customers say

“Aspire has indeed helped us scale by a level of automation – but on the flip side – it has also helped us develop more genuine relationships. It gives us the ability to organize and keep track of these relationships so we can scale while still maintaining the ability to be personal and human."

Jessica Selfridge
Social Media, Brand, & Influencer Partnerships Specialist

Mountain Rose Herbs

“Aspire's hybrid approach to influencer and affiliate marketing makes their platform the best available, especially in an always changing partnership landscape. Aspire has also been crucial in the implementation of our new affiliate program. Their helpful and knowledgeable staff worked hand-in-hand with us to launch the program and continue to provide stellar support when it comes to scaling our initiatives and learning best practices.”

Jessicka Nebesni
Marketing Strategist

Ovation Hair

“Whether an influencer needs product sent out or is awaiting payment, I like that Aspire will automatically alert me if something is due.”

April Bobadilla
Social Media Manager

“Ruggable has been able to increased revenue through influencer whitelisting as well as build more solid relationships with our creators who perform well – couldn’t advocate for it enough!”

Janavi Dhawan
Influencer Marketing Manager


“At Outer, we use Aspire’s Influencer Discovery features to learn more about potential partners. I love that I am able to type in a handle, choose the appropriate social network, and immediately gather information about a creator’s typical content, audience, engagement, previous collaborations, and more. It makes vetting new partners a breeze.”

Shae Sattler
Partnerships & Community Marketing Manager

“We find some of our highest quality brand partners with Aspire’s marketplace.”

Matthew Thompson
Snr Manager of Social Media

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