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How a luxury luggage brand structures their influencer program to drive ROI for the whole company.
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“Influencers have been incremental in boosting our content ROI and ROAS. With Aspire, we’ve been able to scale our influencer program and produce high-quality content to supercharge all of our digital marketing channels — at a fraction of the cost.”
Matt Roy
Influencer Marketing Lead at Monos

Monos is a leading travel and lifestyle brand known for its premium luggage, bags, and accessories, seamlessly blending fashion-forward designs with unparalleled functionality. Last fall, the brand announced the closing of a $30 million Series B investment after achieving 4x growth in 2021. As Monos scaled their influencer marketing program and gained viral traction on social media, they found it increasingly challenging to strike a balance between scale and personalization.

Matt Roy, Influencer Marketing Lead at Monos, looked to Aspire to grow their influencer program without losing the personal touch that fosters meaningful, long-term relationships with content creators. 


Driving ROI through influencer marketing

Monos’ influencer marketing team resides within the brand’s growth department, making ROI a key priority for Matt’s team. Matt used Aspire workflows to structure the Monos influencer program into three distinct projects, each designed to drive value and efficiency:

  1. Evergreen gifting program - Always-on product seeding program at Monos helps keep costs low—even while partnering with macro-influencers who generate high-quality, high-visibility content that can be repurposed into paid ads. To find the right creators who specialize in driving conversions, Matt relies on Aspire’s Influencer Search Engine to sort creators by engagement rate and authenticity. 
  2. UGC channel - Monos runs a second always-on program focused on generating user-generated content (UGC) from nano and micro-influencers. Aspire’s reverse Image Search Tool quickly finds creators that match the brand’s aesthetic.
  3. Ambassador program - Matt cherry-picks a few top creators based on performance and invites them to work on long-term paid partnerships. This is not only a way to reward creators who produce high-quality UGC and ads that perform well, but it’s also an opportunity for the brand to build meaningful relationships with creators who help Monos achieve tangible business goals. 

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Impact of IGC company wide 

When defining the strategy for Monos’ influencer marketing program, Matt wanted to deliver value for many teams across the Monos organization. By setting up two separate arms—one to drive conversions and the other to generate UGC—Matt was able to bring valuable content for the paid ads team and the creative team to use, all while driving sales.

Separately, Matt uses Aspire’s Impact Value Dashboard to quantify the value of awareness, impressions, and reach of influencer content, empowering him to prove the overall impact of his influencer marketing efforts to the leadership team.


As a result, the Monos team has achieved: 

  • 20X ROI from paid and gifting campaigns 
  • Thousands of dollars saved in content creation costs by running budget friendly product seeding campaigns 
  • Building long term relationships with ambassadors who performed well in gifting and UGC campaigns 
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