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Creator Spotlight of the Week: Olivia Thai

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

"I am a musician & YouTube personality who has been using social media platforms to connect with people for over a decade. I recently started working with a few brands on Revfluence, and I have run quite a few genuine campaigns in only one month. Love it!"

What do you love most about singing and being an artist?

"Music will always be there for me. It has been by my side through years of pain. Music is about connecting with people on a level beyond any conversation or physical contact. I have never been good at expressing negative emotions like anger, loneliness, and sadness through conversation, so music is one of my only outlets for those emotions. Being a musician is not simply something I love - I truly believe it is part of who I am."

What inspires you?

"For songwriting? Everything. Literally, everything. I once took a class at a songwriting school where they were actually able to teach me how to appreciate and be inspired by every little aspect of our lives. Even the smallest objects such as a nail, a shower curtain ring, or a remote control can help to create meaningful lyrics. I also make a point to do things entirely out of my comfort zone for inspiration by having meaningful conversations with as many people as possible. I recently did a project with a ride share company where I drove passengers around to hear their life stories for song inspiration. It was an amazing experience! For life? People inspire me. I want to be able to contribute to society in a positive way and relate to as many people as I can reach. Whether that is through a business, music, or a YouTube video, I want to make sure that my dignity and integrity come first. Sometimes, I feel like today's society forgets about these things when they are blinded by a need for fame or recognition. I don't post things for views or likes or comments - I post them because I want to, because I had fun creating it, because I connected to it somehow, and because I hope that you'll appreciate it too. The human connection inspires me."

Describe your experience as a National Anthem speaker for LA Clippers and Sparks?

"I was a National Anthem singer for the LA Clippers and Sparks when I was 17 years old. Those were great times. Looking back on it now, I still wonder how and why my teenage self was motivated to do something like that. My parents didn't even find out that I had submitted to sing for them until I had booked a few games. I had to grow up fast as a kid, so I've always had to create opportunities for myself or there wouldn't be too many of them for me. I guess not much as changed since then. Building my own brand is a full-time job of creating opportunities for myself. It can get tiring, but it's all worth it for me because I believe my mission comes from a good place and will somehow contribute positively to society."

Tell us about some brands you have loved working with on Aspire?

"I seriously cannot choose! I have had pleasant experiences with GR8SKN, ToGoSpa, GlossyBox, TomBox, Pacifica Beauty, Throwboy, Teuscher, Primo Lash, Lumo, Beloved, Crown Brush, Verb, and Del Mar Swim. I have had so much fun creating campaigns for them, and surprisingly, many of them have done better than my non sponsored posts. I truly believe this happens because it's a priority for me to be honest and genuine about all of these products and companies... especially when they are being presented to the people who have supported me and will continue to support me for, hopefully, years to come."

We loved getting to know Olivia and looking forward to future collaborations between her and our brand partners, follow her @olivia.thai.

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