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Creator Spotlight: Erin Aschow

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Creator Spotlight of the Week: Erin Aschow(@easchow)

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

"My name is Erin and I run an Online Bakery and blog in San Diego. I spend most of my time acting like a big kid, running around the country with my boyfriend. I’m absolutely obsessed with glitter, sprinkles and all things Star Wars. I love to travel and am actively involved in the music scene."

What inspired you to start Revenge Bakery?

"I started my career working in the music industry & began baking decadent treats in my spare time for my friends in bands when they would come through town. As word spread about my baking skills, I began getting requests to send treats out to bands on the road. I decided to start and online store and have been doing limited edition cookie cakes for the past year and a half. I’m in the early stages of getting new and improved packaging and production so that I can produce more cookie cakes! Very excited to have so many big things coming soon!"

What do you absolutely love about baking? Name some of your favorite treats?

"I love baking because it helps me relax. When I’m stressed out, I bake. When I’ve had a long day and just need to decompress, I whip up some treats. I also absolutely love the look on people’s faces when they try one of my cookie cakes for the first time and can’t figure out what’s going on and how I crammed so many tasty ingredients into one bite! Some of my favorite treats: I’m addicted to Cool Whip, Oreos, Anything Cookies n’ Cream, Gelato & all flavors of molten cake!"

How would you describe your Instagram channel?

"I’d say it’s a really good representation of how random I am! Baking, Star Wars, Travel, Deals I find on cute clothes, etc. I’m not a model or celebrity, just your average girl and I like to share my stories in the form of pictures. I think it’s really important to show young girls that it’s ok to be normal and embrace your individuality. I also think it’s really important to share with people, young girls in particular, that being smart and dorky is totally cool."

Tell us about some brands you have loved working with on Aspire?

"I loved working with Dolce Vita, State Bags, Skull Cashmere & Keep."

Star Wars lover and a phenomenal baker, to learn more about Revenge Bakery, follow Erin @easchow.

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