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Creator Spotlight: Nicole Knox

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Creator Spotlight of the Week: Nicole Knox(@nicolexknox)

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

"Well, my name is Nicole Knox, I am from Huntington Beach California, I was a Girl Scout for like, ever, and I am extremely jealous of my boyfriend’s hair. I road horses competitively until college rolled around and then I went to a small private liberal arts university and majored in business. I have interned with the Los Angeles Clippers, Nordstrom and Billabong, and despite the big name attraction I found myself hating the cramped 8-5 job with no creative outlet. So photography went from being a pipe dream to a bright future. I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to travel throughout the West Coast and capture incredible places while wearing some awesome clothes. I took business school education and integrated it into my hobby, every day I learn something new and it has allowed me to live a life that feels like a full time vacation."

How would you describe your photography style?

"Most people label themselves as a lifestyle photographer, a portrait photographer, etc. but I honestly don’t think I can do that because I do a little bit of everything. How I really like to describe my photography is that I capture beautiful things in beautiful places. I thoroughly enjoy highlighting clothing in a beautiful setting, it allows the clothing to shine in a way that it never has before."

What inspires you?

"As cliché as this sounds, my boyfriend inspires me. Jerry is the quarterback for the UCLA Bruins and if you know his story he has gone through a lot to get where he is at today. Despite having to be up at 5:30 AM to run, lift and throw then heading off the class, then back for more running, lifting, throwing and then another hour or two of watching film, he still finds time to travel around with me. Whether it be to Canada for 2 weeks or to Laguna Beach for 2 hours, he makes such an effort to support me that I want to make him proud. Jerry has been the underdog for so long and he has proved so many people wrong, he inspires me to do the same. When I see him finish 2 hours of practice out in the hot sun and he still finds time to pep talk a teammate or interact with the fans, I am so unbelievably proud that I want to make him feel the same way about me."

What are some of your favorite places you have traveled?

"Yosemite is definitely my favorite place I have ever traveled. It’s always a shock to me that all these beautiful landmarks are inside one park, some of the most amazing sites are on a loop even! How is that possible?! I have been so many times that its began to feel like a second home to me. The people, the views, the food, the entire atmosphere gives me goosebumps. My favorite time to visit is in the fall, the leaves are changing, the walkways are covered in frost, when the sun hits the meadows the steam rises and the best part is, there are hardly any people! So I strongly recommend you visit in the summer haha."

Tell us about some brands you have loved working with on Aspire?

"I have recently had the pleasure of working with Marine Layer, an awesome clothing company based out of San Francisco. I had the luxury of shopping in one of their local stores and I was overwhelmed with the amount of awesome clothes they had. The quality of the clothing is incomparable to any other brand of clothing I have ever worn, everything is ridiculously soft. Their communication was flawless, we were always on the same page and I always appreciate that! I also worked with DesignbyHumans, who lets you design your own shirt or for the less artistic individuals like me, they let you choose from TONS of other designs. They were so quick to reply to all the messages, as well as to send out the products. The entire process with DesignbyHumans was simple and enjoyable, they were a great company to partner with."

A Girl Scout, with a Business degree, turned photographer, to check out her eye-dazzling photography visit @nicolexknox.

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