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Creator Spotlight: Sam Schuerman

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Creator Spotlight of the Week: Sam Schuerman(@samschuerman)

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

"I'm an almost 30 year old Mom to two gorgeous kids. Phoenix is 4 and Lily is 2. I'm happily married to my best friend and partner in crime Jay. We have a toy poodle, Moo and 3 cats and live in Lake Tahoe, CA. I love life and enjoying the moment. I vlog my life everyday with my family and share it with the world. I hope to inspire people to be happy, enjoy life's simple things and to not take everything so seriously. I like to laugh at myself, not worry when I've said something silly and keep it real. I have a beauty channel where I review the latest makeup products, do makeup tutorials and let people know the best items and things that aren't so great. I also have a mommy channel where I share my tips, experiences and reviews of the items I use as a Mom. Come and watch :) I hope you enjoy! xx"

What do you love about Instagram and how would you describe your channel?

"I love Instagram because I'm a very visual person. I love being able to share the things that I love through my eyes. It's an amazing place to be inspired, so catch up on the latest and greatest, to make friends and to connect with the brands you love and want to work with. My channels are fun, care free and I hope they make people smile, laugh and have a good time. I don't take myself to seriously. I like to leave in the moments that I mess up or say something wrong because it's real and relatable. I love sharing about the things I love in the beauty world. Helping people save their money on bad products and spend it wisely on the must have items. My family channel is my life, every day. It's how I spend my days with my kids and husband and zoo of pets ;) I love having these memories captured everyday so that when my kids are no longer little and I'm not the coolest person in the world to them anymore, I can watch them and smile. My Mommy channel is a little bit of everything. It's a bit of home, lifestyle, kids, mommy. Anything to do with being a Mom, wife, house cleaner haha. It's my place to connect with Mom's doing the exact same thing as me."

How do you manage being a mommy and managing your social media channels?

"I don't get enough sleep haha ;) That's basically it. I try to make as much time for my children as possible and work when they sleep. Plus I have an amazing husband who takes my kids and keeps them happy if I'm overloaded with work and can't get it all done during nap times and bed times. He takes them when I have to film so I can concentrate and bring my best on to the camera."

What tips would you give your followers on increasing their own following?

"Social media! Use it! I find Twitter and Instagram to be the best outlets for connecting with brands and getting yourself out there professionally. Tag the companies you are already using and loving. You never know if they might retweet you or share a picture of yours to their even bigger following. Connect with other You Tubers that do similar things to you. Try and organize collaborations. Connect with your fans. There is nothing worse than tweeting a You Tuber that you love and admire and they don't tweet you back. So be sure to remember that the most important people in this You Tube land are your fans. Don't forget it! Also keep an eye on what's trending and make reviews of the latest products that will get searched a lot."

Tell us about some brands you have loved working with on Revfluence?

Glossybox, Ipsy, Loxa Beauty, Chatbooks, Rufflebutts. They have all been amazing to work with!

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