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Creator Spotlight: Marianne Ramos

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Creator Spotlight of the Week: Marianne Ramos(@marianneramos)

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

"My name is Marianne Ramos and I am a makeup artist from central California. When I tell people that I'm from central California people look at me a little confused. Mainly because majority of the time, when people think of California, people think Los Angeles or San Francisco. Beaches and cities. We hardly think of farms. It makes me chuckle but yes I live in the heart of California's agriculture. So being a makeup artist here isn't the easiest thing. My family wasn't very fond of my choice to pursue makeup or the beauty industry. So I did put it off for sometime. Then a little app called Instagram happened. And it honestly gave me such motivation to pursue what I wanted to do the most and that was being an artist. So, I did. I never imagined a app could give me such a great platform to meet, share, connect and work with amazing people. Its been such a great experience and I always encourage people to pursue what they want to do even when no one else understands. Thanks to Instagram I got to meet my current boss and I am now a artist in Sacramento for a very fast growing makeup store called Pinky Rose. And I can honestly say I love it. Doing what I love everyday just doesn't feel like work sometimes."

What are some of your favorite beauty product(s), MUST haves?

"That is seriously the hardest question you can ask an artist! But I give everyone the same answer and that's concealer! For me personally I have to have concealer. It just makes me look alive and not like the walking dead. My current favorite is the LA girl pro conceal. Great stuff for a super great price. Another must for me is lashes. Yes, I know- lashes can be a pain to put on. But I promise you it makes a whole look come together."

Tell us more about Pinky Rose Cosmetics?

"Pinky Rose is a boutique in Sacramento. Which quickly caught on, thanks again to Instagram, and has been growing non stop. Given that it hasn't even been one year yet since they have opened. It's owned by three sisters Gina, Michelle and Delilah. I really love being apart of the team. They just make you feel like family and I always joke with them that I'm the adopted sister. The store itself sells Morphe, LA cosmetics, Bh cosmetics, Sigma, and Gerard Cosmetics and BenNye. So the store has all the brands you see and hear about on social media but instead of ordering online you can come in and see the products yourself in store. So it's really neat. And the sisters themselves have created their own lipsticks and lip stains which are phenomenal! If your ever in the area I really suggest to check it out!"

What are some of your favorite events you have attended as a beauty/lifestyle creator?

"You know being on social media has given me so much. And it's given me opportunities to attend events that never in a million years that I ever think I'd be invited to. But I have to say my favorite event I've gone to so far has to be the Bellami Beauty Bar launch party. It was such a great event and put together so well. It's a beautiful salon and they have such a great turn out with Kylie Kenner, Lilly Ghalichi, Eva Marie from WWE and so many more it was just beautiful. But the one who stole the show for me was Jiff Pom the little Pomeranian dog that everyone and their mother was dying over. Sounds crazy but when you see that little guy your heart just melts."

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 Years?

"That's something I've been marinating on this whole year. I honestly hope that in five years from now I will have my own business up and going which I'm not going to say what i plan yet, so when the time comes I will then announce. I'm still keeping that under wraps. But I'm really hoping to grow out my page, grow out my name, grow out my profile and learn from the best. Because apps like Instagram and YouTube make it possible."

Tell us about some brands you have loved working with on Revfluence?

"Fashion Nova! Yes! Even though I'm a make up artist the beauty industry ties in with fashion and I love fashion!! Clothes, shoes you name it. I'm such a sucker for dresses. It's my weakness. But Revfluence has so many brands and makes it so easy to manage and work with others."

Anything you want to say to your fans/followers?

"Don't be afraid of being yourself. Because people always know when you're being real and will gravitate towards you so much more. Do not make excuses for yourself if you put in the work you will ultimately benefit from it whether it's sooner or later you will. I'm a very private person when it comes to social media which is ironic I know. But for a long time I put things off because of fear and because I am a mother to a high functioning autistic five-year-old. But a friend of mine Naomi or some of you may know her as Vegas nay gave me such good advice that I've taken it and I ran with it since. Don't disable yourself with fear. Make yourself better for yourself, for your future and for your children. Even if your family or friends doesn't support or understand what you're doing right now ..later they will and it'll all come together. You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain. Always empower each other. Always know when you're being encouraging and empowering someone is reading that on another screen somewhere in the world. You may not know who they are but they can be somebody that can ultimately help you in your career later down the line. Trust me it's happened to me take my word for it."

We loved getting to know the inspirational Marianne Ramos, follow her @marianneramosfor some beauty tips.

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