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T’is the Season: Check out how @alexisjadekaiser + @stilettobeatss sleigh their collaborations during the Holidays!

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The most wonderful time of the year is here! Holiday spirits are high, trees are beautifully decorated, and whether you like it or not, nonstop Christmas music is playing in the background. For many of our creators, the season translates into calendars filled with holiday parties, squeezing in family time, traveling and collaboration mayhem.   So we reached out to Alexis and Emily, two amazing influencers from our community,  to give us an inside scoop on how they manage to spread holiday cheer while staying on track with their content calendars.

(Top) Alexis Kaiser, @alexisjadekaiser, is a Utah based influencer. Her indie style, free spirit and flawless pink hair lured over 89k followers to her profile. You can check out her page “Alternative Indigo”  for  fashion, beauty and lifestyle tips.  She also sets your relationship goals unrealistically high as she shares beautiful moments with hubby, Adam Kaiser. (Bottom) City girl, Emily Jenny Cholakian of @stilettobeatss,  started out with a blog for her journalism class back in 2009. Seven years and 91k followers later, the Middle Eastern babe is known for her timeless fashion, travel diaries and endless love for coffee. Her page perfectly documents her fashion tips, cute fun facts about herself, and moments leading up to her big wedding day!

So without further ado, let's jump into the interview!

Favorite part about the Holidays?

A: My favorite part of the holidays is definitely all our family traditions and spending time with friends and family. Nothing beats how magical this time of year is!E: My favorite part of the holidays is spending it with my fiance and family + friends. Nothing better than good food and good company!

"I think it's important to change up the scenery and what you are talking about. Followers like to see you on the go!" - @stilettobeatss

I am sure you girls get proposals from many brands around this time of year. How do you choose which brands to work with. Any tips for brands looking to partner with influencers?

A:  I really like to make sure that the brands align with the current brand I have built. Are the products natural, are they cruelty free, what do they stand for.  I also like to check out their current IG and Website, read their FAQ's and ask as many questions as possible. I say if you feel like a brand is making your brand feel inauthentic it's not worth collaborating. Make sure you can easily make content that matches your feed with the brand and that also reflects their brand as well!E: I take proposals and brand deals as they come and evaluate what I have on my calendar before saying yes to new ones. I also try to stick to one brand per category to avoid competing companies. One beauty product, one shoe product etc. it's a bit oversaturated content this time of year so sticking to what you like best is key.

"I didn't want to take time away from family so I auto published everything before hand." -@alexisjadekaiser

What are some tools you use that really help you stay organized with collaborations?

A: I have a calendar that I use and I write EVERYTHING down, due dates, giveaways, future promos, everything. I check it every morning during breakfast and I check off what I've done.E: I have mastered an excel sheet that tracks my month to month progress with brand deals and collaborations! It's the most helpful tool I have found, I have a column for due dates, live dates, compensation, completed etc. It's been my lifesaver this year!

Any tips to those creators who are swamped and lost on balancing collaborations, traveling, and family time?

A: Yes, it can be sooo hard. Try to find apps that auto publish and make yourself a to-do list. (The Revfluence team loves") During Black Friday I had tons of promos due that weekend and on Thanksgiving. I didn't want to take time away from family so I auto published everything beforehand. It made my holidays stress free and super organized. It's definitely worth the couple extra hours of work beforehand to not have to worry about it the next day!E: Don't over do it and plan ahead! If you're traveling request product ahead of time so you can pack it and create content while you are away, that way you don't lose out on any time. Also, stay on top of your emails and keep brands in the loop! There is nothing worse than going dark on someone. If you can't make the deadline request for an extension in a timely and respectful fashion

Around the holidays, everything starts looking the same. How do you keep your content looking fresh and unique?

A: I just keep being me! I feel like my feed has its own unique style and vibe to it so I differ from traditional holiday content. Always trying to keep things unique and fun!

E: This year has been an interesting one for me because I've done a ton of traveling during the holiday season which is what has kept my content fresh. I think it's important to change up the scenery and what you are talking about. Followers like to see you on the go!

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