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YouTube Creator Spotlight: Amy Macedo of MacedoBeauty

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Meet Beauty Guru and Makeup YouTuber, Amy Macedo. Based in Canada, Amy’s channel MacedoBeauty has over 380K subscribers who come to her for makeup tips, reviews on the latest products and basically anything to do with beauty!

As one of the industry’s best makeup YouTubers, brands are constantly flocking to Amy to have her review their latest products and share them with her fans. Last month, Scentbird connected with Amy through Revfluence to have her test out their designer fragrance subscription (check out her video here). She was even able to get her hands on the sought after Kylie Lip Kit and uploaded her review to YouTube, which to date, has almost 1 million views. Safe to say that she is definitely trusted when it comes to product reviews.

We decided to catch up with Amy to learn more about her life as a YouTuber and chat about some of the opportunities she’s had since starting her channel. Check out our interview below!

What made you want to start your YouTube?

"I wanted to start my YouTube mainly because I would get questions daily from friends, Twitter followers, Tumblr, etc. on my beauty tips so I randomly had the idea of starting a channel. At first, I didn't take the idea seriously until one day I was like 'hey, I could really do this'. Once I filmed my first video, I knew instantly I was addicted and loved doing Youtube!"

What has been one of the best opportunities you've had since being on YouTube? 

"A few months ago I actually got an invite to go to New York from CoverGirl! It was such a surreal moment for me to realize that a company I love actually wants me to go to New York for an event with them. With just my luck though, the event date fell on the same day that I was moving so I couldn't make it but still a surreal moment!"

What are a few of your favorite brands you've collaborated with?

"Definitely Covergirl & Pantene; they made collaborating on videos super fun with unique ideas they always have!"

Are there any trends you're particularly inspired by this season?

"Ahhhh! Bold blues! I feel like royal blue is so in this Spring/Summer. "

What's your average day like?

"An average day for me usually consists of either filming or editing and usually both! I wake up, do my morning routine, then film if it's a filming day (if not I skip straight to editing), edit, upload, and somewhere in between there I'll find 5 or 10 minutes to eat lol! Usually before bed, I'll answer some emails. I normally like to work extra hard and long hours at the beginning of the week Monday-Thursday to give myself more of a relaxed Friday and free weekends!"

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Instagram - @amymacedo

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TikTok - @amymacedo

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