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YouTube Creator Spotlight: Liz from MissLizHeart!

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This week, I decided to catch up with another one of our favorites YouTubers, Liz, owner of the channel MissLizHeart and her Spanish channel, LizCorazon!

While beauty definitely rules when it comes to YouTube, Liz has a fun & fresh way of incorporating fashion, home decor tips, recipes and much more into the mix! Now don’t get me wrong, Liz is definitely talented when it comes to all things makeup, but her subscribers also come to her for things like Kitchen Organization Ideas and Meal Prep Routines. Not only do her subscribers love her content,  but brands do too. They are constantly coming to her for her take on their latest product launches. On Revfluence, she was actually able to connect with TATCHA and Skindanvia review their latest beauty products - check out the videos here and here!  

I’m personally amazed by how Liz and other YouTubers are able to manage their channels while also building large audiences on other platforms like Instagram & Snapchat. I chatted with Liz about this and her life as a social media influencer - check out our interview below!

I noticed you started your YouTube channel in 2013 - How & why did you get started?

You know, I opened my channel in 2013 and I didn’t have the guts to upload my first video until the following year. Youtube is a place where I can express my passion for beauty and home decor, two things that don’t normally go together.

Where did your passion for beauty & fashion stem from?

I wish I could pin point the exact moment that I became interested in beauty and fashion. I learned to do my own blowout at the age of 13. I think  watching the stylist work his magic on my mom every other week opened the flood gates of me experimenting with other beauty related things.

You have a successful YouTube channel, Instagram and blog - how do you manage it all?!

I appreciate you saying that!  I’ve come to realize that it’s all about scheduling and giving myself self-imposed deadlines.

What's your go-to beauty product that you can't live with out?

Oh man, don’t make me choose! I would have to say a good eye cream. When my skin is looking good I feel like makeup is just a bonus. Some of my favorite eye creams include Bobbi Brown Eye Repair Cream and Caudaile Premier Cru Eye Cream.

What's been one of your favorite brand collabs & why?

I’ve had the privilege to work with so many amazing brands and it’s difficult to choose just one. Probably Carol’s Daughter since I’ve been a huge fan of their products for such a long time and they allowed me to be creative with my video production.

Definitely follow Liz on all of her social media channels!

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