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Creator Spotlight: Fall in Love with @haileebobailee this Valentine's Day!

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Happy Valentine’s Day! Love is in the air and we’re head over heels for Hailee Keanna (@haileebobailee). Besides being incredibly gorgeous, the LA based model is shamelessly silly, sweet and leaves you wanting more.  Don’t believe us, just ask her 163k followers.  Hailee blessed us with her presence to discuss long term relationships, rejection and staying authentic.

1. How did you find out about us and how long have you been using us for?

Oh my gosh, maybe a year ago. I was at the MeUndies headquarters, talking about getting underwear. One of the workers were on Aspire, talking to a whole bunch influencers. I didn’t know this stuff existed so I joined.

2.  How do you  turn a one time collaboration into a long term relationship?

What I found work is I like being overly sweet. What I saw with some creators was they were strictly business. For example, Allie from MeUndies, I’m always in contact with her sharing ideas and sending Behind the Scenes shots. I’m not lazy with the content I produce. The better the content the more they want to come back to you. Communication is key and to just to be funny with them, be different.

3. How would you describe a perfect collaboration?If the brand provides a standard guideline and still allows creative freedom, that would be perfect. When a brand have too many guidelines, it becomes a nightmare. I worked with a brand where they wanted to be overly perfect with the picture, I would annoyed to the point. After that, it would usually go well. It’s always good when they can match my rate.

4.  What makes you still willing to work with a brand even if they can’t match your rates?

If I love I really love their stuff and I know it would do well on my page, I’ll take the less money because it wouldn’t even look like an ad. The other day, I took a fashion campaign that paid way less than I usually charge for two post just because I can make it look natural. I was going to wear the dress anyway so might as well. However, I always start low though because I’m scared I’m going to lose the client. I’m always aiming for long term relationships.

 MeUndies Valentine's Day Campaign

5. How do you handle rejection from brands or other projects?

Oh no, I hate it. Whenever I get rejected, I’m confused like “whyyyyy what did I do??!” When people reject me, I take it as inspiration to be better. I would try to make the best Instagram feed ever and if it was modeling job, I would go work out more.

6. How do you select which brands to work with and did it overtime?

Marketing works, so if I see brands working with a bunch of other people, I would want to work with them. Or if it’s just a cool product, like GOAT case, I want to approach goat case and see what they’re all about. If it’s a overall fun brand, I would be interested.Well in the beginning my mindset was different for sure. It was just about making money off of Instagram and applying for all the jobs. Now, certain campaigns are over saturated and you know it’s an ad and its comes off as a sellout. I think of myself as a brand and build something out of it so I don’t want to over saturate my feed with obvious ads.

7.  Do you have advice for creators starting out with influencer marketing?

Oh yes, let me make this inspirational. What would you think when you’re scrolling down your feed, seeing other creators advertise a certain product. Would you want to be seen with it? Would you know it’s an ad? Do you actually like the product and think it would work? People don’t like being lied to and it is obvious if your heart's not in it. Ok, getting too cheesy. Think about if you’re going to be embarrassed about it in a couple of months from now. Think of long term, you don’t want to be known as that girl doing the same ads.

8. Any fun facts you want your followers to know?

My life is fun on Instagram but no matter how many parties I go to, my favorite place is still my bed with my new TV. I’m also going to get a mini husky and hopefully I can take care of it depending on my how busy I become. Oh yeah, one time I had a beta fish. I don’t know what I was thinking but it fell out of water so I thought it was cold, I wrapped it up in a blanket and it died.

9. Lastly, speaking of funny stories, do you have an embarrassing V-Day story?

So in middle school I had the biggest crush on this guy. I went to a paint ceramic shop because those were big back then. I painted a butter dish for him, it was red with hearts all over it. I wrote my name and his name on it, it got glazed and it was beautiful and magical. I filled it with a bunch of Hershey's kisses. On Valentine’s Day, I gave it to him thinking he would be just as excited later to find out a few days later he wasn’t. So yes, I painted a butter dish to woo a guy.

If you're obsessed with Hailee as much as we are, make sure to follow her on all the socials!

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