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Content Library: The Single Source of Content for Your Entire Marketing Team

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Influencer-generated content is king...

And you don’t have to take our word for it – the stats don’t lie! According to Salesforce, social media campaigns benefit from a 50 percent rise in engagement when they incorporate influencer-generated content (IGC), and 57% of advertisers have indicated that influencer content either somewhat or greatly outperforms brand-created content.

If you’re running influencer marketing campaigns and you aren’t already taking advantage of the content that comes along with them, you could be missing out on the huge potential for increased engagement and revenue. Influencer marketing leaves brands with a goldmine of on-brand, high performing content that, when compared to brand-directed content, is faster and less expensive to create.

Smart marketers are using influencers to acquire content that they can repurpose for use on their websites, paid ads, social platforms and other brand-owned marketing channels. At Aspire, we’ve seen our clients stockpile large treasure troves of content as they run campaigns. But what good is a pile of content if you aren’t able to easily organize, find, or share it for later use?

To help your team take advantage of influencer-generated content, Aspire has built an amazing feature called Content Library.

As always, Aspire is dedicated to streamlining all parts of the influencer marketing and content creation process. We know that IGC has been able to make a positive impact on our clients’ marketing channels. But like any marketing asset, without the proper organizational tools it can be difficult to manage—until now.

How Content Library makes your job easier

If you’re running influencer marketing campaigns at any scale, it can get overwhelming to organize content in a way that makes it easy to find and share. Folders of content stored on your computer and Google Drive can get a little messy, especially if you’re working with more than a handful of influencers or running several campaigns with multiple content creators. Unless you’re naming each file individually with the campaign name, creator name, usage rights and other details, these folders don’t allow you to easily search through images by tag, type, and campaign.

Being able to easily store, organize and share content is important  for many reasons:

  1. It gives you the ability to quickly access the content you already have, so you can evaluate what you’re missing or need more of
  2. It allows you to easily share your content with your email marketing department, paid ads team, or any other marketing teams so you can easily repurpose hundreds of images and videos across your marketing channels
  3. You can easily keep track of licensed content

“At Tuft & Needle, we use the Content Library feature on Aspire almost daily. It allows us to view and organize our full catalogue of content, which makes communicating with creators and reusing their photos and videos a total breeze. It’s one of our favorite and one of the most useful options available on Aspire!”

—Kendall Davis, Marketing at Tuft & Needle

How Content Library Works

Gather high quality content from your collaborators

You will no longer need to rely on screenshots of content that’s already been cropped and optimized for social media. You will now have a place to gather the high quality imagery from your collaborators. When you need to take content off Aspire for any reason, you can bulk download groups of content and save them directly to your computer for repurposing elsewhere.

Smart tags

Having difficulty organizing your content in a way that makes sense? The possibilities are endless with smart tagging. Add tags  such as “winter” or “for Instagram” to images and videos so they can be easily sorted, grouped and identified later. For example, if you’ve received images that you know will be perfect for paid ads, tag them with the word “ads” so that your paid social media team can easily identify them.  Can’t think of your own tags? Smart tags are also automatically generated and attached to each image based on computer learning technology. The sample image was automatically tagged with words such as beach and vacation.


Now that you’ve added all your tags, it’s easy to search through your content! With Content Library, you can search through your images by both custom tags and automatically generated tags. For example, If you’re a home and lifestyle brand running ads targeting parents, you may need an image featuring children. Simple simply search for “child” and all the relevant content will be sourced. You can then group these images, add them to Google Drive, or download them as a zip file for easy access.

Upload your own content

Do you have brand-directed content, inspirational content, or user- generated content that you acquired organically? You can upload these images to your Content Library so that you can have all of your content in one organized place.

Track the content you are licensed to reuse

If you’re planning to repurpose IGC, you must ensure that you have the rights to use it. The majority of brands running campaigns on Aspire have acquired licensing rights. But in the rare case that a creator has not agreed to grant you commercial rights, you can apply a filter to your content library that shows you which pieces of content you are lawfully allowed to repurpose in your marketing initiatives. Don’t have rights? Easily go to the creator’s message thread, straight from the Content Library so you can ask for them.

Are you interested in seeing Content Library in action? Request a demo!

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