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5 up-and-coming health and fitness influencers to kick off 2021 strong

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What are your New Year’s resolutions for 2021?

For many, it’s likely to keep up their health and wellness. While this is rather customary each year, it’s especially important to maintain physically and mentally fit in 2021 as we continue to grapple with COVID-19 and the circumstances surrounding it. 

So, inspire and motivate your community with the help of these 5 health and wellness influencers. They’ll surely give your campaign a boost!

@afrohemian_ - 39.1k followers

Whitney is an expert at nurturing self love through proper food and nutrition. That’s why she started the health food brand Karma Nutra, where the focus is on feeling good both inside and out. Her content typically features nourishing recipes and wholesome ingredients, with a touch of bohemian home decor and renovation projects. In the past, she has worked with brands like Elkay and Zinus.

Key features:

  • Perfect fit for: healthy food and snacks, wellness products, and home decor
  • Audience location: Atlanta, New York City, and Washington DC

@naturally_natalieeng - 13k followers

Natalie is a health and wellness creator based in Houston, Texas. She hones her strong faith and passion for wellness to maintain a balanced lifestyle, which includes a healthy diet, plenty of exercise, and self care. On both her Instagram and blog, she shares healthy recipes (all gluten-free, diary-free, and refined sugar free), wellness tips, outdoor travel guides, and much more. 

Key features:

  • Perfect fit for: vitamins supplements, healthy meal kits, and fitness brands
  • Audience location: Texas, California, and New York

@troy_brooks - 31.8k followers

On top of being a devoted husband and father, Troy is a wellness entrepreneur at, lifestyle creator, and New York’s “Best Fitness Instructor” according to Class Pass. Troy typically shares candid stories about his family life, as well as his mental and physical health. He has worked with brands like Popcorners and Bulletproof in the past. 

Key features:

  • Perfect fit for: mens athletic wear, fitness supplements, and healthy snacks
  • Audience location: New York City, Los Angeles, and Atlanta 

@withashleykay - 35k followers

Ashley is a vascular surgery Physician Assistant based in Orlando, Florida. Leveraging her own experience, she shares tips for students in PA school and those working in patient care, as well as her life outside of work — including her journey as a dog mom to her adorable puppy Doc! Previously, she has worked with brands like FIGS and SmartyPants Vitamins.

Key features:

  • Perfect fit for: healthcare education, vitamin and supplements, and dog health products
  • Audience location: New York City, Orlando, and Los Angeles

@cgarciafitness - 87.2k followers

Carlos is a fitness coach and reality TV star (as seen on FOX’s Paradise Hotel) based in Naples, Florida. On his Instagram and YouTube channel, he posts high intensity workouts and a glimpse into his exciting life. Some of his previous partnerships include BSN Supplements and TLF Apparel. 

Key features:

  • Perfect fit for: fitness equipment, mens athletic wear, and fitness supplements
  • Audience location: California, Florida, and Texas

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