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#CollabOfTheWeek: How eBags Evoked #wanderlust with @charlieandlauren_

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Does it feel like every time you go through your social media feeds, someone you follow is on an extravagant trip?

It’s hard to not catch the infectious travel bug when 97% of millennial travelers share their photos across social media. People travel to make connections with others and influencers post on social media to make connections with their audience.

That’s why 84% of Gen Z travelers are inspired by social media to plan their next getaway.

In the world of travel, there’s an emphasis on collecting more experiences than materialistic things. Influencer marketing is used by travel brands to increase the draw of a destination and encourage people to book trips. The content these well-traveled influencers create is absolutely stunning. A lot of the places they visit are “Instagrammable” and trendy — so that wanderlust feeling comes easy.

This is why eBags’ collaboration with @charlieandlauren_ is so down to earth. 🌍

eBags is the world’s leading online retailer for all travel luggage and accessory needs. With 20 years of industry experience and a variety of high-quality brands under their umbrella, eBags is committed to helping travelers find the right gear for their journeys across the globe. They rely on influencers to capture the essence of travel and where the bags could take their audiences, who could potentially become future customers of eBags. This is what they wanted Charlie and Lauren to illustrate.

Charlie and Lauren are a free-spirited, traveling couple from the UK behind the Wanderers & Warriors blog. Their personal blog began as a clothing brand built for the fashion-forward traveling community and blossomed into documentation of their exotic travels on Instagram. Their website provides travel guides organized by country and how-to resources for exploring the world.

We sat down with Charlie and Lauren to understand more about the collaboration process and what made it so successful.

Why was this collaboration so amazing?

The emotional experience using the product laid the foundation for the collaboration. The brand wanted Charlie and Lauren to focus less on the functionality of the product and more on how the product would add value to their adventures. Instead of a product feature laundry list, eBags aimed to accentuate the “why” behind their brand’s existence through the influencer couple’s unique travel story. This encouraged their audience to also share the experience and become an eBags customer.

“It was super easy to work with eBags. They gave us full creative freedom and put trust in us to create as we usually do, then just incorporate their products into the feed.”

Charlie & Lauren

The communication between the brand and influencers was strong. eBags outlined their campaign expectations upfront so it was clear to Charlie and Lauren from the start. Throughout the collaboration, if the influencers had questions, the brand catered to them with quick, informative replies. eBags clearly expressed empathy during the partnership and this resulted in high-quality content.

“The main thing that's important for us is responsiveness as we may be working on 4 or 5 jobs at the same time sometimes. So when we reached out with a question, the eBags team was super efficient at responding and helpful throughout.”

Charlie & Lauren

The brand repurposed the content across the homepage of their website. One of the many benefits of influencer-generated content (IGC) is that it is optimized for digital and social channels. eBags used Charlie and Lauren’s content as a hero image on their website to humanize their website experience. IGC has an 88% greater impact on increasing brand affinity than even user reviews.

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