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#CollabOfTheWeek: Framebridge x @johnphilp3

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For brands in the home and interior design industry, it can be time-consuming and expensive to source a large amount of content that will showcase each product in a variety of different settings. Just think about renting studio space, hiring a creative team, and maybe even trying to buy ad space online — what a headache!

By working with influencers, you can skip this tiresome process. The materials influencers create is inexpensive, scalable, and diverse. And influencer-generated content can be repurposed and reused time and time again across all your marketing channels!

This is why we love Framebridge’s collaboration with John Philp Thompson, or @johnphilp3.

Framebridge is an online custom picture framing company, making it easy, fast, and affordable to frame all kinds of photography and art. Like many home brands, they needed to source content that would show off how its different frames would look in a variety of homes. So, the brand started looking for influencers who could tell their individual story through what they put in a Framebridge frame.

This is when the brand connected with John.

John is a photographer, model, and blogger from Chicago. With his recent move to New York City, he needed to figure out how he was going to decorate his new apartment and make it feel like home. With the help of Framebridge, John was able to create a show-stopping gallery wall that spanned over the corner of his bedroom.

Why was this so successful?

  • The product is displayed in a real, lived-in home. John’s room showcases how the brand’s frames can add value to a home. His unique gallery also provided his audience with wall decor inspiration!
  • The partnership was extremely authentic and mutually beneficial. Framebridge worked with John at a time he really needed help making over his new apartment. Their collaboration fit seamlessly into his typical content, which documents his life moments — both big and small. And the brand was able to source amazing content during it all.
  • The creator was able to express his creativity. In his blog, John writes, “I figured my wall decor either needed to be minimal and not distract from the view or be outrageous and over-the-top. I had never seen a gallery wall that spanned over the corner of a room, but I had a vision of mine starting in the middle and expanding out.” Framebridge didn’t force any vision on John, but rather helped John complete his dream gallery!

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