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#CollabOfTheWeek: How Health Warrior Created Delicious Content With @whereisbronson

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In a world where consumers are more health-conscious and better informed than ever before, there’s a great opportunity for brands that offer organic, natural, and no-nonsense health products. But in a market saturated with fads and buzzwords, how does a health and wellness brand position itself as trustworthy and effective?

You guessed it — work with influencers who have a lot of knowledge in the health and wellness space. Partnering with these influencers is a great way to reach a health-conscious audience, because they have already established expertise in the industry and built trust with their followers.

This is why we love Health Warrior’s collaboration with Bronson Nash, or @whereisbronson.

Health Warrior is a superfood company that sells delicious nutritional items like chia bars and protein powder. The brand recently started looking for influencers who were excited to share its newest product — a plant-based, protein-packed Pumpkin Seed Bar that keeps you full throughout your day-to-day activities. This is when they connected with Bronson.

Bronson is a travel and outdoor blogger at He’s hiked many trails, including the Pacific Crest Trail, the Colorado Trail, and the Tahoe Rim Trail. As an avid hiker, he constantly needs to fuel his body with healthy food and snacks.

Why was this collaboration so successful?

The brand worked with an influencer who is an authentic fan of its products. Bronson is constantly exploring the outdoors and loves to find healthy snacks to fuel his adventures. Because Health Warrior naturally fits into his active lifestyle, he didn’t have to change his tone or aesthetic when working with the brand.

“I only apply to collaborations with brands that I am a fan of. This allows me to seamlessly integrate the products into my life and turn it into my content. That being said, I really like the Health Warrior bars and enjoy talking about healthier snack options. Basically, I would be eating the bars either way.”


The content isn’t overly produced or obviously #sponsored. Rather than staging the scene just for the collaboration, Bronson took the photo while he was actually on a hike. And instead of his content being a clear product placement #ad, it tells a story about how he eats Health Warrior bars to keep his energy up during his hikes.

“Consumers today are more aware of advertisements and are turned off by the feeling of being sold something. When I take a photo, I try to make my audience say, ‘Wow, that's an amazing view!’ and then look closer and think, ‘What is this product he is using?’”


The content was so on-brand for both parties that Health Warrior repurposed Bronson’s content on their blog and email newsletter. Because influencer-generated content (IGC) generates 8x the engagement rate of brand-directed content, it’s always a good idea to repurpose IGC on all brand-owned channels. Health Warrior did exactly this by using Bronson’s image in a blog about hiking and an email newsletter.

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