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#CollabOfTheWeek: Olympus x @asliceopi

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Although the technology industry may not be as glamorous as fashion or beauty, tech brands can still reap the benefits of influencer marketing. Because strictly tech-focused influencers are harder to come by, tech brands don’t necessarily have to stay within the technology industry when it comes to working with influencers. And because there are so many different types of tech products from apps and videos games to camera equipment and computers, there is an endless amount of influencers to work with!

For instance, a home electronics brand can work with home design influencers or a food delivery app can work with foodie influencers.

For tech brands, thinking outside of the box when it comes to your brand partners is the key to success. What matters the most is finding an influencer whose audience aligns with your own target audience. This is why we love Olympus’ collaboration with Andrea, or @asliceopi.

Olympus is a camera company that provides high-quality mirrorless cameras and lenses. With their lightweight yet durable gear, they’re committed to helping people change the way they capture the world around them. Recently, the brand started looking for passionate photographers who could help start the “Mirrorless Revolution” by creatively capturing life’s little moments.

This is when Olympus connected with Andrea.

Andrea is a lifestyle and fashion blogger based in New York City. Her content typically features her adventures in New York City as well as personal life moments, such as her pregnancy journey. In her post, she talks fondly about her favorite Olympus camera model, the PEN E-PL9, and even gives her followers a chance to win one of their own.

Why was their partnership so successful?

  • The creator’s audience aligned with the brand. Working with a lifestyle influencer was a natural fit for Olympus because she could use the product to document her adventures, which she was already doing on her blog. Because Andrea’s audience already trusted her recommendations, the same confidence was reflected on Olympus when she worked with them. Andrea says it best:

“I've had a working relationship with Olympus and their team for a year now. I absolutely love the brand and it fits extremely authentically with my personal brand and aesthetic as well. We discussed prior how we could make the collaboration be as successful as possible, and worked together on the terms. Their team is great!”

Andrea (@asliceopi)
  • Giveaways encourage new followers and engagement with the brand. Giveaways are the best way to gain followers, increase brand awareness, and boost engagement for both parties. With the giveaway, Andrea was able to provide additional value to her followers and encourage them to follow Olympus’ owned Instagram!
  • The brand repurposed Andrea’s content in a promotional email. Repurposing influencer-generated content (IGC) is a great way to personalize emails and boost click throughs. By using one of Andrea’s images in their newsletter, Olympus was able to extract all of the value from their partnership. And because the image is more authentic than brand directed content, it resonates more with consumers.

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