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#CollabOfTheWeek: SODO x @theadamgregory

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By now, we all know that influencer marketing is the fastest growing online customer acquisition method and that influencer-generated content is eye-catching and highly engaging. But what people often forget is that receiving high-performing results isn’t as easy as choosing anyone with a following and asking them to post. Successful campaigns require brands to find influencers who align with the company’s messaging, aesthetic, and the like.

When a brand finds the right influencer to collaborate with, the influencer is able to create authentic content, reach target audiences, and generate key sales for the brand. They can also shape how consumers perceive your brand and have the power to convince them to try out your products.

This is how SODO and @theadamgregory were able to have a great collaboration

SODO is a men’s apparel brand, focused on activewear. The brand started working with a pool of influencers to create more diverse content that shows off the various occasions at which their activewear can be worn.

One influencer they teamed up with was Adam, a father of two and a generally active individual. Adam sported SODO apparel while playing with his kids, and listed in his caption a few reasons why he loves the brand. The company loved his content so much that they repurposed it in their email blast and on their own social channels!

What made Adam’s content so great?

  • It’s hyper-targeted. SODO reused Adam’s content to hyper-target similarly active dads, who not only go to the gym to work out but also run around chasing their kids everyday. They even included his caption, which talks about how easy it is to keep up with his kids in SODO’s odorless and soft clothes.
  • It’s authentic. Adam’s candid photos make SODO apparel blend seamlessly into his daily routine and it’s clear that he genuinely loves the brand. Adam explains,

“Any successful collaboration requires understanding the needs of your audience and the expectations of the brand. With AspireIQ, it’s very easy to align your values and understand what kind of value you bring to the table.”

— Adam (@theadamgregory)
  • It keeps the seasons in mind. Adam’s content perfectly captures the festive spirit of the season, which helped SODO effortlessly source content for their campaign around the holidays.
  • It displays SODO as a true athleisure brand. Although SODO is a men’s activewear brand, Adam’s content showed that you can wear SODO’s athletic apparel outside of the gym. In both posts featuring SODO gear, he is playing with his kids and simply living his everyday life.

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