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#CollabOfTheWeek: Sprig x @kelclight

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From Kim Kardashian’s CBD themed baby shower to Jen Atkin’s personal post about anti-anxiety dog CBD, it’s clear to see that CBD is becoming more and more mainstream. However, there are still misconceptions and concerns surrounding these products, making brands in this industry jump big hurdles — especially when it comes to advertising.

Due to different state legislation’s advertising restrictions, it’s challenging for CBD and cannabis brands to gain national brand awareness. Additionally, major social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Snapchat all have strict rules prohibiting the promotion of recreational drugs and paraphernalia. So how can brands effectively reach the diverse community of marijuana users?

The key to success is to work with influencers. Partnering with influencers will allow your brand to hyper-target your desired audience without paid ads. These tastemakers will not only tell your brand story authentically, but they’ll also introduce new audiences (their existing followers) to your products. Not to mention, they will create amazing content that is much more eye-catching than stale, close-up product shots.

This is why we love Sprig’s collaboration with Kelsey, or @kelclight.

Sprig is a beverage brand that sells low-calorie, naturally sweetened sodas infused with 20mg of CBD. Just as their tagline “Smile More” suggests, their mission is to bring happiness into the everyday lives of everyday people. Recently, the brand started looking for influencers who could showcase how Sprig helps them relax and enjoy life, whether that be in a luxurious bubble bath, at the beach, or by the pool.

This is when the brand connected with Kelsey.

Kelsey is a lifestyle blogger based in Pittsburgh, who discusses everything from fashion and beauty, to travel and health and wellness. Her blog is meant to spread positivity and encourage her audience to live their best lives. She couldn’t be a better fit for Sprig’s campaign!

Why was this partnership so successful?

  • The brand effectively promoted its CBD products. Since marijuana products still face scrutiny from people, brands have a harder time using traditional marketing methods to promote its products. By working with Kelsey, Sprig could reach her audience without breaking any regulations.
  • The influencer’s image and tone are consistent, making the partnership extremely authentic. Kelsey’s audience is used to keeping up with her life through her content, and she knew this collaboration should be no different. Without fabricating anything, she produced stunning content for Sprig!

“I think the collaboration was successful because I made sure to take the photo based on what I was actually doing! I was on a work trip in Austin that week, so I shot the content there. Since my audience already knew I was there, they could relate to it a little more!”

- Kelsey (@kelclight)
  • The brand repurposed the influencer’s content on its website. In addition to Kelsey promoting the beverage on her own social media, Sprig went a step further and reposted her content on their product page, where consumers can directly shop from. Her eye-catching image definitely added some character to their product!

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