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Introducing the Audience Demographics Search: Choose the Right Creator Every Time

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If you ask the best marketers in the world about the number one rule to marketing, what do you think they’d say? We’ll give you a hint, it’s not about you. The number one rule to marketing is defining and knowing your audience.

The same concept is true when it comes to influencer marketing. When searching for influencers to partner with, smart marketers start by defining their target market and identifying influencers who appeal to this market. For example, if you’re an ice cream company running an influencer campaign to promote your newest shop’s grand opening in Los Angeles, you wouldn’t partner with an influencer whose audience is predominantly based in New York, would you?

Simply knowing the size of an influencer’s audience is not an indicator of the influence they have over their audience. Nor is it an indicator of how much the audience will be interested in your brand. Unfortunately, without the proper tools, it’s nearly impossible to assess the quality of an influencers audience at a glance—that is, until Aspires exciting new update.

In order to help brands partner with the right influencers, every time, Aspire Connect now allows users to filter influencers based on the demographics of their audience.

How the Audience Demographic Search Works

In the Connect tab, in addition to the creator's personal statistics, like engagement ratio, follower count, and comment sentiment, the following audience insights will be searchable for all Instagram creators:

  • Top 5 cities in which the audience resides;
  • Top 5 countries in which the audience resides;
  • Age range breakdown of the audience;
  • Gender breakdown of the audience;
  • Interests - things the creator’s audience has shown interest in; and
  • Brand affinity - brands the audience mentions, follows, or is interested in.

How to use the Audience Demographic search:

  1. Make a selection in the left sidebar of the Connect Tab.
  2. Filter by audience location (country or region), age range and/or gender.
  3. Once you have made your selection, choose the percentage of the audience that must fall into this category.
  4. Hit search and influencers who meet your criteria will be populated!

With the audience demographic search, you can make sure that the influencers you work with reach the right type of people for your campaign.

Why Knowing an Influencers’ Audience Demographics is Important

Avoid wasting your budget on creators whose audience is not aligned with your target consumer. By having the ability to filter creators by their audience demographics, your brand can ensure that your product or service will be promoted to people who are most likely to be genuinely interested.

Imagine you’re a men’s fashion line that targets men aged 25-34. You’re having a pop-up shop in the UK to launch your brand in Europe and would like to invite a few influencers to attend your event and promote your new store to their audience. Although you’ve worked with many male fashion bloggers in the past, most of them have heavy followings in the US. It’s not enough that the creator is interested in your brand. You need to find a very specific type of influencer who fits the profile of your customer and also has a following based in the UK. Lucky for you, you can find the perfect influencer for the job with a quick search on Aspire.

As a brand, having access to this information can be the difference between a successful campaign and a flop. At Aspire, our goal is to always set up our clients for success. It’s not enough to partner with influencers. Brands have to work with the right influencers in order to be successful.

Want to see other cool features that Aspire clients have access to? Set up a demo of our platform here.

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