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SmartyPants’ Formula for a Healthy Content Mix

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This week, our senior marketing specialist, Madison Smith, spoke with Tori Herman at SmartyPants, to learn how SmartyPants successfully taps into its community of influencers and customers to tell a more authentic brand story.

SmartyPants provides all-in-one gummy vitamins for kids, adults, and dogs. Founded by Gordon and Courtney Gould, the husband and wife duo built a hugely successful company that values authenticity, transparency, and the overall well-being of its customers. As a quickly growing startup, SmartyPants knew that influencer marketing was one of the best ways to express these values and get the word out about its brand.

We’re huge fans of SmartyPants here at AspireIQ —- and not just because we keep a constant supply of its gummy vitamins stocked in our kitchen.

During the webinar, Tori and Madison dove into how SmartyPants built a successful influencer marketing program that has allowed the company to:

With more than 20 different products created for children, adults and even dogs, SmartyPants needed to find influencers that could really connect with its audience. The company went from working with 4 influencers per month to over 20 per month, allowing them to reach more than 26 million consumers in just one year.

It’s one thing for SmartyPants to post about the benefits of its products, it’s another for a mother to share why she gives SmartyPants vitamins to her kids. SmartyPants partners with real customers who can share their authentic stories. This strategy provides an important layer of social proof and trust because consumers know these influencers are actually using the product.

The SmartyPants team can photograph flat lays all day, but when it comes to showcasing the product in use, it’s impossible to produce enough content. And, even if it did, the team wouldn’t be able to produce content that was nearly as diverse or authentic. By tapping into influencers, SmartyPants has been able to produce enough content to showcase all of their different products, and at a fraction of the cost.

Watch the webinar, SmartyPants’ Formula for a Healthy Content Mix, to learn how:

  • Scaled its influencer community by 300% and reached 26 million consumers
  • Increased its engagement rate by 3x
  • Reduced content creation costs by 80% - and so much more!

If you missed it, be sure to check it out above!

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