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Teri’s take: Wander Beauty’s co-creation strategy, Covid-19 & IG livestreams

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The article: How Wander Beauty co-created its latest product with customers

do the same

The summary

Wander Beauty launched its newest eyeshadow palette, Wanderess Escape, after prolonged requests from customers. And in an effort to co-create with the people who had been requesting this, the brand asked customers to bring photos and inspiration to its NYC pop-up last April to create a large-scale mood board. Additionally, the brand made a dedicated email and landing page to receive additional suggestions through July, ultimately narrowing down the shades to 10. Lindsay Ellingson, Wander Beauty co-founder, stated, “Social media has changed the game for brands because you have direct communication with your customer any time you want. Why not use the data we have and our conversations with them in our product development? Instead of hiring an influencer or celebrity [for product collaborations], we believe in co-creating with customers.”

Our take

61% of businesses say that co-creation leads to more successful products. But what is co-creation exactly? Co-creation is much more involved than gathering customer feedback. True co-creation means consumers are involved in each step of the process from research, development, and promotion, forming a true partnership. Customers are one of brands best sources of innovation, not to mention for-creating with customers increases cost efficiency because you don't have to hire a team, and improved go-to marketing speed compared to other methods of product development. By allowing customers to be involved in the development of the new palette, Wander Beauty boosts brand affinity as customers can see their ideas come to life, and ensures that their customers are served products that suit their wants and needs.

The article: What Orangetheory Is Doing to Engage Its Users During Coronavirus

The summary

Orangetheory’s loyal following is all about group fitness. But in the age of coronavirus, Orangetheory classes have the kind of environment that health officials want everyone to avoid. At first, the brand thought of distributing a downloadable PDF of workouts to its members. However, CEO Dave Long chimed in saying that this plan had no coach-inspired energy and, more importantly, had no shared community. So, before everything shut down, a guerilla team of creatives and fitness experts filmed blocks of exercises in the studio using objects people could find around the house. To continue engaging its members, Orangetheory franchisees and coaches are jumping into the fray, organizing virtual classes where people do the workout at the same time, networking together through Facebook Live or video conference tools.

Our take

As we practice social-distancing, we’re all in need of entertainment and interaction. That said, throughout the duration of the nationwide stay-in-place order, the content your brand shares on social media should be helping your community through educational content as well as the content that helps people keep their mind off of all the craziness in the news. Although Orangetheory’s business, like many others, have been affected by covid-19, it continues to provide value to its audience. Your brand can do the same by sharing meaningful tips related to your industry online. With social media engagement jumping over 27% in the last month, brands should embrace this unique opportunity to interact with their audience and continue to promote virtual togetherness.

The article: Instagram livestreams surge in social distancing era

The summary

Instagram Live, which hosts livestreams that Instagram users can access through Stories, has long been overlooked by brands — but this is no longer the case as the coronavirus pandemic has continued to spread. According to a digital marketing analyst, mentions of IG Live on Instagram and Twitter skyrocketed by 526% between March 8 and March 15. Companies are scrambling to line up social content that is logistically feasible during the quarantine and relevant to their audience.

For beauty brands, livestreaming has been its secret weapon and many are rolling out daily schedules of IG Live content over the next week. For instance, Bobbi Brown is putting out daily social distancing related livestreams with makeup artists, like tutorials on video conferencing and makeup spring cleaning. Other smaller brands like fragrance company Sigil Scent are leveraging IG live to host poetry readings and a talk with a tea expert. Patrick Kelly, founder of Sigil Scent, says, “This was the first time I had the desire to create a non-product-centered space for people to connect authentically, be heard, and be seen as a community.”

Our take

Now that we’re all spending much more time at home, we all have goals – whether it be to read a book, learn a new skill, or Marie Kondo our entire living space. Businesses should also use this time to try new things, particularly when it comes to experimenting with different types of social media content. If you haven’t tried livestreaming, now is the time to do so! Instagram Live is a great way to connect with your audience in real-time and encourage two-way conversations. Musicians are performing free online concerts, celebrities are entertaining their audiences by answering questions and sharing feel-good stories, and businesses are partnering with influencers and employees to have live demonstrations.. Since we’re all craving a bit of human interaction, this type of “behind-the-scenes” content will be more relatable now than ever before.

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