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#CollabOfTheWeek: How Borghese Reaches Aesthetic Goals With @miriam.gin

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There is so much more to beauty products than gorgeous packaging. For a long time, there’s been a consistent wave of consumers that care deeply about what products they put into their bodies. But recently, more and more consumers are paying special attention to products they feel good about putting on their bodies. Listening to what’s important to their audience, a lot of beauty brands have created a movement to support this new value. But who is driving this movement?

That’s right — the influencers who promote these products to their strong trusted followings.

It comes as no surprise that the beauty industry is taking influencer marketing by storm. From vitamin-C serums and CBD-enhanced mascara to plant-based face masks, the sky is the limit. To reach a specific target audience that shares this value, you should partner with influencers that add their own flair to fuel your brand’s fire.

This is why we ❤️ love ❤️ Borghese’s collaboration with Miriam Gin, or @miriam.gin.

Borghese isn’t your average beauty brand. Inspired by Italian spa culture, these luxurious products beautify from within and give self-care a fresh new look. The brand turned to influencers who care about their products’ origins to help promote their rejuvenating Fango Mud Mask, which has ingredients derived from Tuscan mineral-rich thermal springs. This is when Miriam came into the spotlight.

Miriam Gin is a full-time mom and blogger at, where her fans can find amazing inspiration for beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. With a background in fashion and advertising and now raising children, it’s important to Miriam to document products she feels proud to use and would recommend to her audience.

What stood out about this collaboration?

The influencer’s personal aesthetic matched the brand’s extremely well. Influencers create their content independently and have the freedom to choose how they want to display the products. Miriam’s own personal brand has a modern twist that complements Borghese. Both parties stayed true to their brand personas, which made for a gorgeous partnership.

Because of this, the brand reposted it to their own Instagram feed. The overall theme, color scheme, and details of Miriam’s content match seamlessly with the brand’s aesthetic. Scrolling through your Instagram feed, you might have guessed the content was created in-house at the brand. Borghese gave Miriam’s shot a shout out by calling it “so dreamy,” helping to build a positive relationship with her.

The brand took it one step further and used the content in a paid ad. We preach it all the time for good measure: influencer-generated content (IGC) generates 8x the engagement rate than brand-directed content. Borghese took advantage of using the content they already own by repurposing it on a paid ad to double their return.

How your brand can build successful partnerships like this?

Like we did for Borghese, Aspire can help you maneuver around the challenge of finding on-brand influencers. There’s more to a killer partnership than an influencer’s follower count and there’s so much the right influencer can do for your campaigns. Dig deeper into each individual influencer’s audience with our audience demographics search. We’ll help you identify influencers that you’re excited to reach out to and could partner with long-term!

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