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#CollabOfTheWeek: YogaClub x @christinaeom

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Influencer marketing is the fastest growing online customer acquisition method because it’s effective. Influencers are masters of telling compelling stories through their content, and followers trust them to be reliable sources of information. But the highest engagement happens when brands find the right influencer to collaborate with. Since each content creator has their own style and aesthetic, it’s important to find one that aligns with your brand.

The right influencer will represent your brand in an authentic way through their creative content. They will also have the power to inspire your target market to take interest in your product.

This is why we love YogaClub’s partnership with @christinaeom.

YogaClub is an activewear brand that delivers boxes of hand-selected outfits for each customer’s unique style. More recently, they started looking for a more creative source of content than what they had done with their branded content in the past. This is when they turned to influencer marketing with AspireIQ.

Through AspireIQ’s ‘discover’ feature, Lindsay McClelland, Director of Partnerships and Brand Experience at YogaClub, was able to find Christina Eom, a fashion and lifestyle influencer with electric blue hair. YogaClub’s head stylist curated a box for Christina and included a pair of blue pants that matched her hair’s exact shade of blue. They then gave Christina the creative freedom to produce content and were blown away by what they received.

“When this influencer opened her box, obviously she saw that [the pants] were blue, they match her hair, and the photos she was able to take were incredible. It’s a great photo that I wouldn’t have been inspired to create and that my stylist wouldn’t have been inspired to style had I not come across this profile on AspireIQ.”

— Lindsay McClelland, Director of Partnerships and Brand Experience at YogaClub

Christina’s content was perfect for YogaClub because of the way it all came together: Lindsay's first discovery of Christina’s distinct look on AspireIQ, her stylist’s idea of sending her matching pants, and Christina’s well-coordinated outfit that allowed YogaClub’s blue pants to pop. And both YogaClub and Christina were able to maintain their brand authenticity through it all!

The brand loved Christina’s content so much that they repurposed it in several email newsletters and on their internal pages for their members. Additionally, they saw such great results from this post that they eventually shifted the entirety of their branded content budget to influencer generated content.

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