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Creator Spotlight: @HauteHouseFlower

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Jordan White, or perhaps better known as @HauteHouseFlower, is a veteran blogger and content creator. As an active member of Aspire’s creator community, she joined our creator referral program to spread the love for Aspire and introduce some of her favorite brands to us. 

We recently had the chance to chat with Jordan to better understand how she found success on Aspire, her favorite part about the creator referral program, and her tips for other content creators. Here are the highlights of our conversation. 

Tell us a little bit about how you started your career in content creation.

I worked in fashion and beauty PR for 10 years, and I started to notice that bloggers were taking the place of traditional celebrities and magazine editors. I had always loved photography and taking creative photos, so decided to try creating content on the side. I fell in love with it in 2015, and went full-time with my blog, and Instagram (@HauteHouseFlower) in 2018. My husband Scott (@bloggerphotographer) is also a professional photographer (but he wasn’t when we started!) and has been shooting my content from the beginning and it’s been fun to grow and evolve our content together. 

What is some advice you wish you would have known when you first got started? 

Lean into exactly what you love, and don’t worry what anyone thinks. 

We value authenticity at Aspire. How to remain true to yourself when working with brands?

To me, there is truly no point in working with a brand that I don’t personally use and love. My audience will see right through it, I’ll lose their trust, and it won’t resonate with them. I always ask myself, would I actually recommend this to my siblings, or best friends and tell them to spend money on this? If not, it’s a no-go.

How did you find your niche in the industry? 

Skincare and feminine fashion have become my niches, but looking back, they’ve both always been my passions. Growing up in California, and going to college in Arizona, I’ve always been obsessed with sunscreen, as well as the science that goes into skincare. I like to understand why things work. However, fashion was my first love. I’ve been dressing up since I was 2 years old, and have always been obsessed with glamour. After working in PR in both fashion and beauty fields for 10 years, I already knew my niche when it came time for content creation. Since having a baby, getting married, and falling in love with home decor, I’ve also expanded my niche to include lifestyle, wedding, travel, and motherhood content.

What are some tips you have for creators joining the referral program?

I love to use the referral program to politely decline working with a brand, and have gotten amazing results with this approach. It can be awkward to tell a brand they’re not the right fit for your audience, however I’ve found that suggesting that they “try Aspire to find other influencers that may be a more organic fit” leaves them with the best impression of you. While you did tell them no, you also gave them a helpful tip. As an entrepreneur myself, anyone that makes my job easier is so appreciated, and truly unforgettable in my book. 

Tips on how other creators can find success on the Aspire platform? 

Stay on top of the new campaigns that are on the platform. I am on the platform almost everyday, and I enter the “$” symbol in the search bar, since I personally am looking for paid campaigns. 

Tips on getting your brand proposal noticed on Aspire? 

Write a personal message every time you apply for a campaign. Tell the brand the story you want to tell if they were to hire you. Why would they choose you out of all their other applicants? This is your one chance to have direct access to them. As a former PR person, being able to pick you out of a crowd puts you at a huge advantage and helps me understand why you want to partner. It’s a warm lead!

Also, make sure you’re following the brand on social media and engaging with their content prior to applying for a campaign.

Anything else you would like to add?

I really love using Aspire and have found it to be such a wonderful tool as a content creator. I’ve used several platforms and have found the most success (by far) with Aspire. 

I’m excited about 2022. I have a design collaboration with an incredible brand coming out soon, as well as a new beauty series launching this month, so I’m excited to expand my personal brand! If you ever have any questions or want to connect, feel free to send me a DM @hautehouseflower - I’m an open book and love connecting!

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